Prince is not abuser!

I was reading the comments on the Tom “Don’t raise a hand to my daughter” Markle Daily Mail article and apparently some are tying his request into a supposed bruise that Meghan was pictured with over the weekend (supposedly it was on her face)…a dangerous insinuation and perhaps a preview of what’s to come (i.e. claims which may be made in the divorce). It wouldn’t be the first time domestic violence was insinuated with Harry.
You know what? I can show pictures of her bruised face from cosmetic Botox and fillers, I’ve plenty of evidence it’s self-inflicted. Where has it ever been reported that Prince Harry is an abuser? We know she is going to accuse him in the end and I’m prepared for it as well as the team members of #freeprinceharry. I can dig my heels in, and I will support Harry against the succubus and her cronies. 

Daily Mail stop blocking pro Harry stans, the truth is out there! 

Thank you anon


Anonymous said: what do you think of the latest from Tom Sr.? He walks back the alleged anti Trump comments from Harry. And makes Harry pr Brexit. Which walks back liberal snowflake rep Harry has acquired due to MM. I thought the heart attack was him working with the Palace to give her a respectable reason to postpone. So is he working with the Palace now or just getting back at his bitch of a daughter?

Cringe-worthy, I mean it! This has been an ongoing problem and they are never going to stop. Time to wake up MEXIT! 

Tom Markle Interview with GMB 😖😖😖

Anonymous said: oh plese her stylist is JM – who looks like a Barbie doll (plastic) and dresses like a 90’s teenager. JM has no taste and MM has no taste. Togethere the two of them give us clothes too big or too small inappropriate for the event not suitable for her body type or just plan fugly. She cannot do her hair so she always looks messy. Too much makeup oh and today – a mustache. Orange tanning lotions. A disaster.

Thank you anon, yep, good ole botox Barbie from Toronto is leading the way to a fashion demise! Speculating here I bet they had botox and lip injection parties, lol 

Anonymous said: what effing gets to me is this whole shit show that she has put on – the coercion the intrusion in Harry’s life and the RF’s life is all so this idiot can make money merching. That is how freaking stupid and unimaginative she is – she did this not for world domination or power but to merch high end fashion and look like garbage while she does it. You doubt this – the whole wedding was her merch ticket – Momma Doria wore Oscar De La Renta

Disgusting and no member of the press will come out and criticize, we are the bad guys..  Thank you for reminding us about Dorito. A big shout out to Markle’s dad, happy father’s day. 

Great actress listen to their stylist

Hi JD! How are you? I saw the ask about MM’s height and I believe a few people are confused about why MM dresses so bad. Most people think it’s because of her body type: square. MM doesn’t know what she’s doing, a lot of celebrities with square bodies always look amazing. A few examples here: Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, Keira Knightley, Anne Hathaway and Cameron Diaz. I think I’ve made my point, if an anon has a square shape, don’t worry! Just don’t follow her tips, never.
Thank you I’m doing great,  yes, and some celebrities don’t like what the stylist has to say and then go on the attack. If she listens then she will succeed but the dear girl thinks she is Diana and can pull the tall looks off, She can’t.  Sit back and enjoy the show.