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Felix and I have added a forum on WordPress; we are going live on Tuesday 21st, 2018, in the meantime come to try it, pre-register and tells about the bugs so we can fix it.

We will have Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, and also, Henry Cavill gets his own forum!

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Meghan Markle fans fake Kensington Palace Tweet on Facebook

KP’s Twitter has over 1,5M followers, including journalists and only one Facebook page picked it up and made a screenshot? Something’s fishy here
Yep, like I said yesterday, I saw it, ignored it, it’s fake. That’s from one of the worst bittersweets that Markle has. I would think that’s illegal to do something like that. Please Ignore it. 
Thank you anon 🌺😎

KP anon said

If Megan says she cares about the world why doesn’t she go with hairy to Africa and help him ??
Hey! Are you the KP anon? You never came back and dropped scoops?   You have a valid question that I can’t answer. The first time, okay, but this his 3rd time you have to throw a red flag. I’ll guess, you can’t wear high heels on safari. 
Thank you anon 🌺😎

Meghan Markle looking for Hubby #4??

  1. Just a thought. Now that Matt Payer’s marriage is winding down old mugsy can focus on renewing relationship w Matt! Makes sense, independently wealthy, no one wants anything to do w either of them, both American citizens. Now mugsy can have own reality show w hubby #4, gain attention that she believes deserves & no more rules, protocol. Simple.

    Thank you anon, who is Matt Payer? MM is not wealthy, she is hemorrhaging money for PR.  She only made 14k per episode after taxes, PR, Agents, then she had living expenses, airfares, hotels, food, hair, memberships, blogging cost money. Markle wasn’t the successful A-list actress,  she had bit parts before landing Suites, the costar to the co-starring role. 

Mummy Issues

Lol, Maybe she would learn how to dress herself before she starts wearing Harry? Seriously, does she buy Harry clothes to dress him the way she likes?
🤣🤣🤣🤣Don’t believe any bullshit she is serving; it’s her MO, she starts off relationships as the mummy then ghost you. Just ask dear old dad. 
Thank you anon 🌺😁😎