Mike Lindell patriot of the year!!

It brings me to tears that this man is so Patriotic, he overcame adversity to drugs and made something of himself.  The leftie bastards want to tear him down to which I say, and I’ll pray for you, you rotten bastards! 

Mike heard the call for action for Masks and his staff went right into production mode, that’s what I call a Patriot. I will be giving Mike Lindell my business for My Pillows and a dog bed for my apple head chihuahua, Gizmo.  I hope you will give your business to Mike as well. 

God Bless, Mike Lindell!


Meghan’s PR team claims again that the UK is toxic and that this is the reason why they moved to LA

Meghan Markle returned to her hometown LA for a new life with Prince Harry and Archie after wanting to escape the “toxicity” of the UK, it has been claimed.

We all know Meghan is pissed that the UK didn’t worship and adore her. She wanted to be the new Diana but failed miserably. This z-list actress always planned to move back to LA and uses Harry as a stepping stone but he’s too dumb to see it. 

Walk Away!

The White House tweets President Trump – Thank you to Doctors and Nurses

Duchess of Cornwall is out of isolation after 14 days following husband Prince Charles’ positive coronavirus test

  • Camilla completed fortnight in isolation at their Scottish residence of Birkhall
  • She and Charles have been residing in different parts of 305-year-old property
  • 72-year-old tested negative for coronavirus and has shown no signs of infection
  • Couple are reunited today just three days before their 15th wedding anniversary