Megan, get out of your own way you fool! You are an embarassment to BLM. Dorian Grey painting…revisited!

On June 28, 2020 my article was posted on the state of the Harkles pursuit of fame and status in the BLM movement (Dorian Grey reference…painting is oozing all the lies and betrayals of the Harkles symbolically in the attic!) and how I believe it will all play out.


I referred in that posting to the way Jesse Jackson, a leader in the black movement many years ago, and his people handled the corporate crowd, the movie crowd and the Wall St. and /or money crowd; and his obvious trading on the back of the black movement groups of the day. They could close down companies, boycott movies, elect who they chose …unless money changed hands.


I get it…they needed money to get their team elected, to fight the good fight. However, it did not always make its way down the pipe to those most worthy. Sometimes others got it. What are you going to do? Some people needed big houses on the Chicago waterfront. Whatever. I want all and sundry to know, I am not a racist, sexist, ageist, or an “ist” of any kind…So let’s let that go.


What I am, is someone who is not going to allow anyone, anyone, to move forward with a platform that is essentially going to be used to stir up more racist problems than presently are being dealt with in America. MM (she, a self-described Caucasian of the highest order who is now black) is the source of more comments on racism than I have heard since the days of Huey Newton.

Therefore, I see her as more of a problem. She is the problem, more than any answer to one. Markle has not got the brains or the ability to provide useful solutions to, the problems that exist now. Markle is too self-indulgent and dumb. My Father would have called her a wind-up merchant.


She jumps on the bandwagon of BLM, she is not a leader, but she loves that she can stir it all up, and it gets her name out there. She loves all the Jingoism that goes with a cause, all the woke salad, all the buzz words. It is not really about accomplishing anything worthwhile.

MM, like Heather Mills, to those who recall Heather’s association with the land mine issues that Diana was involved in. Heather knew that wealthy people would be involved with this issue of Diana’s. and hoped thru her involvement she would meet someone…and she did, Paul McCartney. Where is Heather now anyway? Not doing landmine charity work I assure you. MM, like Heather Mills, is that hollow in her beliefs, because essentially she and Harry, like Heather, do not really stand for anything.


You cannot stand for anything when you have no character, no depth…and more importantly…no soul. ” Not enough problems”? ‘Let’s create some more”…” let’s go out there and speak to the corporations who are endorsing this hatred and speak with them”…” let Harry and I get some BRANDS targeted/ organized,” ( i.e., moderated …her usual anthem) meetings that I Megan, will eventually run and put these brands/ corporations under the watchful eye of the “Archewell Foundation (5% to the charity of the $$$ that comes in, the rest to us). We, (Archewell/Megan and Harry/Doria/Marcus Anderson/ and friends and sources who will be named later) will monitor how well these companies meet the/our BLM standard to ‘stop hatred’ on Facebook.


MM, will direct the companies contributions to support this effort via their Charity, Archewell. It is a Charity, after all! The Archewell Manifesto will read that “All the brands that they will “reach out to ” and “speak to” will be monitored until we no longer have any issues in America on racism” (which she hopes will be never!).

Can I make it any clearer? Al Sharpton…are you listening? We all, of course, are being had in a monumental way as this “Hatred” Megan is talking about is also precisely what can be targeted next by all of us, and these agencies of social media…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. to pursue her Sussex Squad. The Sussex Squad that she is paying to denigrate and spew vitriol daily in the most hateful and spiteful way on the internet towards those she despises i.e., the BRF.


I find it comical that she has not been called out for attempting to take on the thrust of a “Stop Hatred” campaign. While she herself is underwriting to her own ends a Sussex Squad hate campaign… and yet wants the rest of us to support her hypocritical approach to this undertaking.


Megan, keep looking over your shoulder because the rest of us will be watching every move you make and reporting everything you do to Charity funding…the NAACP (who was taken off guard by your contact), all Black movement groups, and, of course, THE TAX MAN… FOR ALL THE OTHER GAMES YOU ARE PLAYING…AND WE ALL KNOW…TO YOU, THIS IS ALSO A GAME!


Excellent read and how true it is! Thank you anon, 🥰


Prince Harry postpones Invictus Games Düsseldorf till 2023 to give competitors ‘time to prepare’ after 2020 contest in The Hague was delayed by a year due to the coronavirus pandemic

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  • Organisers rescheduled contest to take place next summer due to the pandemic
  • Invictus Games Düsseldorf, which was to take place in 2022, has been delayed
  • A statement said it would ‘give competitors the time they need for practice’
  • CEO of the Invictus Games Foundation called it ‘complex’ to plan amid the crisis
  • Last month, the Duke, 35, merged The Endeavour Fund and the Invictus Games 

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