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Nov 30th, 2016Hello i’m Sissi (former royaltyandmorebysissi – TumblrPrince Harry visits the Nightingale Children’s Home where he meets different organisations offering support and care to children in need on November … Advertisements

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We know she’s full of shit and an all around mess, the question remains why did HE bring this about?

Very good question! I’ve been thinking that myself, did you see the one comment that said, he is not my intellectual equal, made me mad, it’s from a com-mentor on DM, this person knew to much to be a fan.  Master manipulator and kinky sex? Stroking his ego, telling him exactly what he wants hear, filling he’s head with delusions on how they can change the world and her bullshit about being a diplomat, she can help him achieve that. Sparkle played damsel in distress, he loves to be the …

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This one really bothered me

jerseydeanne: By social climber do you mean well educated woman who worked hard to achieve her career and philanthropic goalls? We should all be social climbers non? The ONLY thing Prince Harry can give her which she hasn’t yet achieved on her own is love. The simple truth is she is the one who would have to sacrifice her freedom career her country and many of her friends to marry a man who seems brave giving kind and wonderful but NOT her intellectual equal. While she already has wealth, social …

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