William is hot and bothered for CP Haakon


Could you develop more about the stories of William being gay ?

I see articles about the cover and a funny story, about William and Haakon making out in pub (and Harry being a drug user), typically fanfiction stuff.

And since you’re one of the reliable sources out there, I trust you have more insight that most. 

Here is the “article” if you wanna laugh : http://onestf.wikispaces.com/Prince+William+is+gay



Well the gay stories I am talking about are a bit more credible than those and some date back over a decade

Also I understand anyone being hot and bothered about Haakon he is a dish. 

Harry may be a gay icon and loved by ‘the gays’ as they say but William is the one rumoured to actually be gay

I mean even some gay men have said outloud, We all love Harry it is a shame it is the other brother that is gay!