Harry’s Elephants

Please, let’s not forget about the elephants, this mess has taken away everything he work his ass off for. The documentary should be front and center in all of our minds.


Prince Harry is a Human Man, yes

Let’s have the little talk about the coolest Dude on the planet, Prince Henry Albert David Charles Mountbatten Windsor, the very single man. The prince is single and he thinks like any other man, sex, yep that’s right, I bet I could do her he thinks to himself. I grew up with Identical baby blonde twin brothers, they’d switch shirts to fool people or girls. Harry is not a boyscout and he is not running for office. HRH as well millions of Brits drink and smoke and chase tail. Just need to watch out for the cray crays, do get my drift

Who is doing the chasing?

Who do you think is doing the chasing now? Might have been Harry in the beginning, and we all know the Margot Robbie and Cara couldn’t wait to tell everybody about texting and he is quick to respond. 

Do you think he texts every girl, like a dog in heat and the first one that texts back for a hook up earn the Harry Knockwurst for a real pile driving weekend?