I’m scared

Let god take your worries away, take time off tonight and celebrate good fortunes to come. big hugs your way oooooxx Happy New Year Anon, donโ€™t worry, order from Aunt Deanne Advertisements

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Has Meghan gone on a rant with you or something? All those challenges about the royal family. Someone needs their meds. I hope you have a wonderful 2017 and I look forward to reading your blog next year!

omg! Minions be gone! LOL, itโ€™s no way to win, hello minions out there, just lay low, cool the jets. My husbands going to have to pull me away from the computer, he asked, โ€œwhat are you going to talk about at the clubhouse?โ€, Well my blog and the wonderful people Iโ€™ve met, of course, lol . Maybe weโ€™ll gets some more fans, I live in a 55 and older park, got a 90 year old lady that can kick super high, like a rockkettes girl, fantastic to see. We …

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