I’m scared

Let god take your worries away, take time off tonight and celebrate good fortunes to come.

big hugs your way oooooxx

Happy New Year Anon, don’t worry, order from Aunt Deanne


Has Meghan gone on a rant with you or something? All those challenges about the royal family. Someone needs their meds. I hope you have a wonderful 2017 and I look forward to reading your blog next year!

omg! Minions be gone! LOL, it’s no way to win, hello minions out there, just lay low, cool the jets.

My husbands going to have to pull me away from the computer, he asked, “what are you going to talk about at the clubhouse?”, Well my blog and the wonderful people I’ve met, of course, lol . Maybe we’ll gets some more fans, I live in a 55 and older park, got a 90 year old lady that can kick super high, like a rockkettes girl, fantastic to see. We have a DJ and do karaoke, not me have to be really drunk and I don’t recover well anymore, we’ll see, my neighbors make up flavorful grain alcohol shots. Being the youngest in the park I’ve got nothing on these people, they are still going strong, drinking, dancing and mother nature for the pain, maybe that’s the secret hmmm… I joke, yes I’ve inhaled, but I’m little sensitive to it, badly uncoordinated side effect, it does work on the pain but can’t see the bloody keyboard anymore!

Well, that was long winded of me, sorry…

Happy New Year to all of  our wonderful bloggers and anons on Tumblr!

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