I think the goal is to have multiple storylines to confuse so people don’t know what to believe. Camilla Tominey’s original story said met in May Toronto IG still with Chef. IG event at hockey rink, Meg rumoured to be with hockey player(s)?rumours about Cory & when they actually split? Piers Morgan said H&M seen together Sohofarmhouse June29,other story was at hotel June 27? hooked up in LA in July? Italy in August? It’s all to keep truth hidden in plain sight. crazy or pr genius?!?

Delete; hockey rink, hockey player from 3 years ago, LA, Italy, piers Soho London not oxford shire,

What are you left with? booty calls and calls him out by dropping those banana hints. There is something about this relationship that’s not quite right,

Merry Christmas anon from the tumblr girls


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