I don’t think England wants her anyway. Who does she think she is.

I have friends that live there, they don’t want the tart, lol

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Dicki called it from day one. That the relationship was BS. He was right. She was nothing more then a fling which harry never wanted it to get out bc Harry had no intention of committing to Meghan. it was hook up friends with benefits that’s all. She was never going to meet his family. But she had other ideas and now you have this mess.

yes dear anon, we are smack dab in the middle of the banana pudding, drowning in the sea of dramatic despair,  chock on the hotted up and besotted love,  that they can’t bare to be in the same country together, MM doesn’t want to outshine the English country side with her mere presence, oops did it again.

Total fame junky, she thought she was smarter than him, nah ah, not so fast little climber.

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Your inbox on v day will be crazy. Where are they ? Where are they? Is she still t-dot ? Is he still in london?

Hell yes, nutty day, we should do a fan fiction day, faux conversations cause you know,  I have a crystal ball and Harry on speed dial, you can bring the tin foil hats, somebody else can bring the candy hearts, MM can buy her own flowers people can speculate if H bought them and being such a global person that she is, decided to pick them up in person and have a stroll, a pap stroll that is.

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Dickie tweeted that mm was a fling within the first few days after CT wrote about mm. It’d be hard to find

okay, yes, than I saw that one, the girl is pushy, he wrote that some don’t get it, he was talking about her going to stadium on remembrance day. MM has been a big pain in the ass since she forced that statement on Harry. I appreciate you reminding us how this wasn’t going to happen from the get go.

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Ok so Harry and mm have been separated for a whole month or more now. H is in London and mm is somewhere else. So does this mean a break up is imminent?


I’m really angry right now so this is my only response. Please read the blog as well as @nycrealroyal and @jerseydeanne

Breaking news anon- Today 1/31/17, Prince Harry and MM are still broken up, today, tomorrow and in the future and all eternity, non couple, booty call over, done with, I’m just not that into you, stalking ended, learned my lesson, still going to use PR to advance my career, uncoupling, free to date others, lose my number, I unfollow you, oh yeah, well I block you

Is Harry a player?

Hold on love, he’s on speed dial  ringing………

Harry: hello, who’s this please?

Deanne: it’s Jersey Deanne from the states, remember me, I’m the one who tickled your ass with a feather?

Harry: it’s you!, still pulling feather out of my ass, however, that was fun. 

Deanne: giggles

Harry: next time your in London call me up for another session

Deanne: the reason why I’m calling, I have anon who asked if your a player? What say you?

Harry: What? I’m a Prince not a player, perks come with the territory, I aim to please Deanne, you of all people know,  how I love a good BJ and a spanking

Deanne: Harry you made me blush

Harry: you didn’t blush that night, you vixen, grands on the other line, cheers bird

She paid herself? No wonder we only got pap stroll while carrying yoga mat. That’s pathetic megsy, getting harassed my ass.

yes, firmly packed bullshit, DM comments can be brutal, but they were not racist, her IG got pretty nasty, she didn’t monitor any comments coming in, but she kept all those ones that wanted to sex her up when this happened. I heard that her fans started reporting the negative comments to IG, and were pulled down.

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