Thank you for your service to keep us free

I wouldn’t worry too much about Harry at the IG. I’ve been to both and run into him several times when he snuck up behind me and scared the bejeepers out of me. Everything is really well-coordinated and with that many soldiers you know someone will have his back covered.

Thank you so much for bringing this to all of us. What a comfort to know that Harry will be well looked after. Prince Harry clearly cares about people, if you hear anything different, it’s a lie.


Media all over today – Marie Claire – PEOPLE – this is not going away. Media is not letting go nor is she. We need a leak – BRF deludes themselves if they think ignore is going to work.

Money! Money! They do have some sort of strategy, maybe we can’t see it to clearly, keeping the narrative in the right direction. Than there are people like NYC keeping it on point, am not saying she works for them, so don’t ask. All we can do is wait.

thanks ckob

Lastly, if she can so blatantly use the front/public entrance to KP gardens then why should she have the decency to stay inside for 2 months & be low key with someone she’s obviously using yet is reportedly drawing up the pre-nup with him as we speak (or maybe she’s just not that well known here lol to be papped & that’s why she needs Splash news) 🤢2/2

The prenup, eye roll, dumb thing to put out there, MM wants people to think she’s not after his money or should I say taxpayer money. She is not even a girlfriend, why on earth is this girl rambling on, such a bore. The prom queen, she gets what she want, well sweetheart, go dig your meat hooks into someone else. His friend don’t like you, hahaha

thanks 60′s chic, always a pleasure!

Why did the IG games have to be in Canada this year? ANYWHERE BUT THERE! (I’d put money on that’s what Harry is thinking too lol) xx

You know it, bunny boiler will try to wiggle her way in or at least be seen around the area. We believe that she has a narcissistic personality,  she needs constant validation, her need for approval is immense.

Harry likes getting into the crowd, will this discourage him because of the bunny boiler ? Let’s hope not.

Thanks tomsman

Comment on DM: Maedusa, Glasgow, United Kingdom, ‘She was never in London. You can’t stay in London for a couple of days without being photographed, let alone a couple of months!’ (have you turned anons off?)

Yes, I have turned anon off for now, and it’s so peaceful. I was getting to many trolls but ask is still open, submission open, you can always request  that I publish the ask anon, I will. It took 2 days to figure out my anon off, that’s okay, my favorite people like you still come back.

Maedusa is right, rumors get around fast in that town, it’s not as big as people think. It’s so easy to get around. 60′s chic your from the area, what do you think?

Meghan Markle’s past love of freebies revealed

Queen of freebies! How Meghan was once VERY fond of luxury gifting suites where stars are showered with products (but what would the royals say?)

‘Before she met Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, 35, was a fan of luxury gifting suites where stars are showered with freebies in exchange for posing for photos with their complimentary treats.’

Featuring pics of her looking really different and pics of those infamous feet of hers..

What no Dr Scholl tent with comp bunion pads?

Meghan Markle’s past love of freebies revealed