Lastly, if she can so blatantly use the front/public entrance to KP gardens then why should she have the decency to stay inside for 2 months & be low key with someone she’s obviously using yet is reportedly drawing up the pre-nup with him as we speak (or maybe she’s just not that well known here lol to be papped & that’s why she needs Splash news) 🤢2/2

The prenup, eye roll, dumb thing to put out there, MM wants people to think she’s not after his money or should I say taxpayer money. She is not even a girlfriend, why on earth is this girl rambling on, such a bore. The prom queen, she gets what she want, well sweetheart, go dig your meat hooks into someone else. His friend don’t like you, hahaha

thanks 60′s chic, always a pleasure!