To that anon., which part of America are you even talking about? Brazil? I heard she is popular in Brazil. Lol Most people of the US don’t give a flying pig about so-called actress Maghen Markle.

That’s right anon, Mag pie should move along!


don’t think she is relevant or respected – just think most US ppl do not understand the requirements of the BRF and so they think she’d be okay for Harry – do not see the obstacles. So they buy her narrative.

Not exactly, we can’t stand her, nobody knows her and we don’t care to know her, that’s how that’s rolling out. Tumblr girls have figured out that she is one being racist, it’s freaking disgusting imo. The peerage maybe we don’t know everything because we not taught that in school, we have other propaganda that’s taught. I know she is not acceptable or represent your wonderful country. I’m a protestant, she converted to judaism, I personally don’t think it’s a good fit for BRF, I love them, like most Americans we love the royals.

thanks anon

People keep asking how she’s $$$ her PR campaign. Theory. From one of two camps. 1) People wanting to use her to access The BRF via PH. Or. 2) People wanting to use her to help bring down The BRF. In either case, these people are using her ambition against her. I think neither she nor PH are still in control of this situation anymore. Question. Is BM dad, the former Canadian PM, anti-commonwealth?

I don’t know that answer to former PM, it seems like a hidden agenda we can discuss conspiracy theories all night long, in the end it’s over zealous actress riding the gravy train, cashing in, media are going for it, the DM comments are going through the roof, they will love to take her copy any day with numbers like that, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ press makes from her.

thanks anon MM is a player