AND she is digging her own grave when it comes to roles in Hollywood! She couldn’t get A-list roles prior to H, and now, after all of the “she’s over Hollywood, giving up acting” articles she’s been pumping out, they sure as hell won’t want her now. Not to mention how disliked she is. She’d tank a damn movie!

I’m pretty sure @nycrealroyal said those essays don’t help her career, but let’s see if she’ll answer. Sparkle digging a olympic size swimming pool. Ms Sparkle won’t get any real work in La La land. Hollywood breathed a sigh of relief with that news.

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One of the reasons why Meghan receives a lot of positive comments on US websites is because many American love the royals – for whatever reason – and they would love to have have an American “princess” in the BRF.

I don’t, cheezus and crackers gurl, smh. She an idiot, we don’t want her, saying she moved from the us if trump gets in, stay in Canada freaking coward, instead of fighting the good fight against tierney MM wants to live elsewhere, how about an iceberg in the middle of nowhere. She already is a jewish american princess, she doesn’t need to be a duchess, she reaches to high for a peerage.

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At this point in my mind the only reputation Meg is wrecking is her own

Still I am on the fence if PR is approving this or she went rogue. This recent attack on the US is pretty slimey,  waiting for the brother again, that should be cherry moment. Somebody call him and get that cracker ass to say something about the invite to the wedding. Let’s lay it out there, comments from Sam, fellow students from university and clients, what have you

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she gets the bad comments in the UK but not in the US – her campaign has succeeded in the US in that ppl believe her fantasy. And the US is where she works- her industry is. So if she is hated in UK she don’t care – she isn’t going to marry him. But as long as she can get the princess pr in the US – she will continue.

We don’t know or give a rats ass about her in the US but that is what she trying for.  Hollywood roles their eyes when her name is mentioned, look the Kardashians blow her ass away, they are the queens of the internet, Chris Jenner is one smart cookie. MM be lucky to get a reality show on CMT, they’d want the train wreck family or mm reality show with her friends. Speculation, who knows the real end game.

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