NDA – I’m sure MM knew she was just a booty call , after all it takes 2 willing people for that to happen. But she put pressure on PH and would of said something along the lines of ” Am I not good enough for you because I’m bi- racial etc , we all know how crazy she is by now , it’s very disturbing that her mom or close friends can’t guide her in the right direction . Makes you wonder if they know the truth.

Consider this, they are encouraging her, one big game for them, all cashing in, including the sister, it makes her ratings go up and the the pap strolls loaded down with products to pedal, she gets freebies and a paycheck. Take a look at @anonymoushouseplantfan stats, we keep shooting over more and more overt to her..

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Was there any mention in the dm article or any other articles about her being allowed to go to the reception?

They all piggybacked the E article, that’s common practice, they switch the wording a bit. This crap was coming out on her end and the press rolled with it. The telegraph is a reliable news organization, wouldn’t you agree? she was never invited personally, doubt the Middleton’s want drama to their daughters happiest day next to the birth of her children.

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Has there been a new announcement from KP? I don’t see anything.

it’s actually on the telegraph 


“The palace was unable to confirm whether Prince Harry, 32, would have a plus one. It has been widely speculated that his girlfriend, the actress Meghan Markle, will not be attending. “ 

Meghan is not invited to the wedding, there is a lot of speculation going on with press and I believe her side too, to get her invited, to turn a wonder day into a circus.

Don’t believe anything, not even pictures

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