yes clip ons – the one she wears most often looks like the sort that is on a string of a sort – she must look a horror once she takes the fake hair off and the makeup – all her warts and moles – sun damaged skin – Harry needs specsavers!

When you’ve had to much to drink, you think you slept with a 10 and only shagged a 6, you may want to chew your own arm off not to wake her/him and slip out bleeding. That is coyote ugly. Not to sound sexist, works both ways. Some really good looking people shouldn’t talk and ruin it, my bff said that to a dude in Myrtle Beach, thought I’d pee myself laughing. She brought him back to the room so I could look at him, LOL, dumb as a box of rocks. She should woke up for the italian guy on the Vespia delivering our pizza, holy smokes, what a babe he was, dark curly hair, hottie

thanks anon, how did I get to hot guys, sorry


MM will not be attending the wedding

I was right! Kensington Palace released the attendees of Pippa’s wedding so the media and public would know that MM will not attend. I can’t think of any other reason than this. They made it an official engagement so  she won’t attend. (No ring, no bring policy).The BRF probably knows MM will exploit Pippa’s special day by making money and raising her profile from lies produced my her PR firm by her request. MM is taking fake news to the next level! I think MM will tell her PR firm to write articles about how racist the Middletons are because they didn’t invite her. Anything is possible with this Hollywood puppet. 

This is excellent news Haute Monster!

Too that anon. who is hoping to see them a lot more in the summer? Lol Seriously, she could not produce one plausible pic. of PH visiting her this Easter. Do you think she will produce them this summer? Or the BigFoot story will go on? By the way, May is coming. There is any idea how to make people believe MM is meeting HM again in May? MM’s fans seem to forget about this exiting event.

oh right, Mother’s day, but that a US date, lol

Hey wait they are pushing for Diana’s b-day or anniversary of her death, so tacky and unnecessary to bring Princess Diana name into the shit show, that pisses me off.

I wonder what great delusional works of photoshop she can produce. Chick buy a vibrator, leave the world alone, oh have one, then use it. 

thanks anon

oh not that kind of queen, these girls are so much fun

OMG the line from her wig/extensions is always so obvious – any pic of her and you can see it – different color than her natural hair and different texture – very obvious – the wedding pics especially – she des not even attempt to “weave” it into her natural hair – she just plops it on

ikes, no way, holy cow, I watch that video today and it was detailed and hard work, something one should keep up on,  as your hair grows it will loosen up. It does look totally fake, guess it’s how much money you are willing to spend, maybe clip ons?? do they exist?

thanks anon

Meghan Questions for you

Can you please give us the scoop on what your next plan is?

 Will you be going to polo at Coworth park?

 What fashions will you be wearing?

 Do you plan on attending the wedding and or reception?

 What happen to the dogs?

 How many times do you go to yoga a month?

 Where were those bigfoot pictures taken?

Why didn’t you go to the baby shower?

What are your plans for after the show ends?

thank you in advance for your answers, love, JD

one last question, are you seeing anybody else?

so as of right now, its a waiting game on whether or not PH attends this polo match & if she will be there as well as if MM will be attending the wedding at all?

That’s all speculation right now, the press is pushing it, but she pushed it in the E article. Like we keep saying, wait and see.

To the anon that said break up news this weekend, tick tock, what happened?

thanks anon