Its almost like he hasnt cared at all & was like “fine you can be my gf but i aint gonna do much.” Like she went to the Jamaica wedding & it looked as if she was just a tag along tbh. Then she got the date night pics & the polo pics were mainly of her posing for the cameras & not sitting outside or near the royal gf tent like Chels & Kate did. #Pitiful! If he was serious she couldve gone to rugby match w/ him back in Jan but she didnt! That spoke volumes

you have it all wrong, rugby match was official engagement, read the last anon thanks


Im beginning to think that PH gave her that statement to allow her to be a “royal gf” but didnt give her the ability to get legit pics with him except for the date night so she set stuff up to hang on to for later down the road b/c she knew she would never be a royal. The only other legit pics were polo but even those were pitiful compared to Chels & Kate polo pics.

Anon, date night wasn’t when it was, they were taken in December and constant media byline, that’s MM she used them in India, she used them again in the most recent pap stroll in London. Anon she wrote the statement with her lawyers. Why the hell do you need to get legit pap pictures if you’re in love? She was not expected at polo, she crashed, she would have been at prince harry’s tent or sitting in the grass like his other real girlfriends he had in the past. She was never a real girlfriend, one that forced her way in, now she can move on, because Harry is moving on.

thanks anon, it’s over

Hello Canada uses a pic of MM that was taken with Cory, cuts Cory out and then tries to pass it off as pic with Harry at Pippa wedding. Pathetic. desperate. deceitful. Plus you can’t get a decent pic of them together but engagement imminent? Right.

How utterly humiliating! I wasn’t buying that for a minute, it looks like all the other cut, copy and pastes, but with Corey, epic failure! 

Harry is moving on and she free to do the same, believe it, you heard it first

thanks anon

“Hello Canada” on the Felix blog. Ha-ha-ha So sweat together?? Together my ass 😂


yeah right! ewwwwww

when you think about it, was insane she used touched up pics, old pics to promote the affair. If you have to do that something is very very wrong. And you are very very desperate. There is not one decent pic of them together.

who does that! not a person in love, desperate to become famous, not on picture of them loved up and besotted, not one!  More like get the restraining order fellows.

thanks anon