I agree to that anon, you have a good heart.

thanks, Mia very kind


yes our pets do find a big place in our hearts. Max brought a lot of happiness to people – good thing you rescued him !

He was found in Camden eating out of trashcans, he had mange I cared for him, he was my child. He did and lots of laughter, we had lobster dinner with a bunch of people, I went into the kitchen, there is max with a huge grin on his face, he flipped the trashcan lid up and drove into the trash can with lobster shells in his mouth, he was so happy! I was crying laughing.

thanks anon

A thought About Weekend @ Casa KP Story

Just a thought: Meghans latest pr has been paid for by Nbc, they are promoting the idea of her becoming a Princess so you’ll watch future princess on Suits and tune in to other NBCU shit. However, the article about their ‘weekend at home’ came directly from Meghan. Even Lainey was willing to publish, which probably means they were all promised something in return. They might have even seen the photos to confirm their existence, because of M’s track record. Yes, the airport pics warrant a story, but those pics don’t hold much value and aren’t as believable without a follow-up, much like the taxi spa pics. For the spa pics, it would have been the wedding or even another pap shot of H & M. And as we can recall, those pics didn’t get much traction. So why would she even bother to publish this, if she/they didn’t believe they could sell the story of them being loved up? If Lainey, who has looked foolish bcuz of M, was willing to go out on a limb, then there should be photos coming. 


(In case anyone is confused, i’m not suggesting they had a weekend together, I’m saying Meghan was able to sell the story because it would be more believable with photos of H&M anywhere. i’m also talking about oldish photos. Although I wouldn’t put i past H/KP to placate her with a new final set)

That is not suggested, she will take that as she has a snowball chance in hell, she loves photoshopped, damn it Lainey should know better she got screwed with balcony pics. MM sold the idea of home with Harry watching Disney.

Hopefully, someone out there is reading this, she can’t be trusted, drop the bomb you are about to get screwed.

thanks anon

ah the kitty story so sweet. Hope he finds a home. The sugar anons do not use their brains. Nothing here says engagement or even that Harry sees her anymore. Silly kids but they are entertaining. Oh how they will weep when it is over!

I’ll supply virtual tissues to wipe their salty bitter tears away.

Yes, the Voorhees shelter is the place to go, it’s well run with lots of compassion, they have a cool kitty play room.

I adopted Max because he was a big dog (people don’t want them), my husband had put his purebred Rottie down and Max was so grateful he sat on my mom’s lap on they way to the groomers. He would spread eagle on top of me look me in the face and start licking my face with his wrinkled face. My neighbor would open his car door and Max would jump in the front seat. He loved my friend John and would bring him a throw rug, sit in your lap, climbed out the window onto the porch roof to say hey to the neighbors wagging his tail. The elderly people at the campground adopted him too, they made breakfast for him on the weekend.

There was a geriatric center across from my house, Max would go there and walk through the automatic doors and visit the patients.

God, I miss that dog, he couldn’t walk in the end.

thanks anon