ah the kitty story so sweet. Hope he finds a home. The sugar anons do not use their brains. Nothing here says engagement or even that Harry sees her anymore. Silly kids but they are entertaining. Oh how they will weep when it is over!

I’ll supply virtual tissues to wipe their salty bitter tears away.

Yes, the Voorhees shelter is the place to go, it’s well run with lots of compassion, they have a cool kitty play room.

I adopted Max because he was a big dog (people don’t want them), my husband had put his purebred Rottie down and Max was so grateful he sat on my mom’s lap on they way to the groomers. He would spread eagle on top of me look me in the face and start licking my face with his wrinkled face. My neighbor would open his car door and Max would jump in the front seat. He loved my friend John and would bring him a throw rug, sit in your lap, climbed out the window onto the porch roof to say hey to the neighbors wagging his tail. The elderly people at the campground adopted him too, they made breakfast for him on the weekend.

There was a geriatric center across from my house, Max would go there and walk through the automatic doors and visit the patients.

God, I miss that dog, he couldn’t walk in the end.

thanks anon