Notice how the Henry Cavill News site isn’t sharing the pic like hey did with the other ones she posted. She has a total lack of respect for his privacy. He must be pissed at her lack of discretion. If she were able to get him in bed she would Facebook live it. Lol

I agree she’d go for the sex tape. I haven’t been on Henry Cavill news, they may have been told them please don’t. Personally, she is not a girlfriend to me unless it’s reported from his side, right now body guard. Someone suggested photoshopping on “I’m with stupid” pic, it could be. 

thanks anon


Maybe she went with someone else or like she posted at Wimbledon the old post maybe she went a long time ago. Anyway I have learned not to trust her.

I agree she isn’t trustworthy if a romance needs PR it’s fake. Like a Markle, show old as new, oh boy not again. Lock her down if that’s the case, these people can go on for months. She’ll have him engaged and babies on the way. Henry watch your back. A narcissist can be very hard to get rid, don’t engage them. Read the romance scam in search, I’m familiar with these types.

thanks, anon, good luck 

I can’t explain it but something about the Cavill and Lucy Cork says short lived and fake. Just a feeling.

It looks like a friendship/companionship and maybe with some benefits, she still the body guard to me, I don’t see a romance at least not one with staying power. The blinds they sound like PR keeps the project relevant.  

He posed with Ben like that, right? yep, body guard. 

thanks anon

Let’s keep the stories straight – the Kate hardly worked took time off and spent all her time on the phone with Will is from her days with the fashion company. She worked on the yacht BEFORE she met Will during her gap year prior to going to St Andrew’s. The only stories that came out about her on the yacht were she wore very short shorts. She was 18 at the time.

Right! Really do we have to keep that going? no, we don’t. Time to stay in the present, she is doing her duty with style and class. Let’s focus on her deeds she is cemented in the firm, she has done her duty and produced 2 of the most adorable kids. She is killing it, good for her! Of course, there is going to critics but we don’t need to kill her for something she did when she was 18.

Thank you, anon for keeping it straight

JD, many people say this Henry Cavill-Lucy Cork relationship is fake, that it is only PR. But Cavill and Lucy have showed up together in so short time of dating more than Harry and MM in almost one year of “relationship”. And sugars still think there will be another royal wedding. Delusional people. Privacy my ass.

I agree, at least Henry takes his to Polo, tennis and now to Picadilly, oh and they went to a club together.  It’s still too early to tell if she has staying power with Henry Cavill. The girls have a shoot in India for MI6 that means Lucy will go for Rebecca Ferguson, she is her stunt double. 

Harry showed he is not home watching Disney. The secret Bigfoot stuff is over, nobody but sugar coated pop tarts believe that.

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