I thought Doria was in social work? I mean, that’s not a lucrative field at all but she wouldn’t be on the poverty line I don’t think

Her income claimed was on poverty line according to DM don’t quote me 11k? She has a masters degree, she could work as a therapist. They need people all the time in division children and family services.

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Do you want the divorce doc pics? also her Mother called CR to her house.

I’ll take it all, she called them, so she was in on it back in November. Help MM snag Harry to declare her girlfriend, she played on his emotions of his mother being stalked.  In the article, the DM pay for video. What’s the purpose of this? It doesn’t paint her mother well.

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I do agree that it is not right to blame Doria for Meghan’s behavior. She may or may not have anything to do with it. We don’t know that. What we do know is that Meghan is an adult and, as an adult Meghan, and not her parents, is responsible for her own actions.

However, MM is using the Queen in a un -relentless campaign of stalking by the tabloids. Will she get the message when the shoe is on the other foot? Is this MM looking for sympathy and her willingness to use her own mother again?

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