Pic review both pics part 2, Anons Please use common sense when Meghan has real photos she always keeps the metadata


First off, i usually do pic review for you guys, but i’m not feeling well. So this review will only be written and its a bit messy. If anyone wishes to take my observations and place lines/marks on the images to specify. You are more than welcome!!!!! 

Enlarge these pics in a new tab to see even closer. I also recommend looking at the austin airport pics for her feet.

HIs legs and her legs are photoshopped as well. His leg has a curve, look closely. The pants around his knee is very bulky, yet his leg is slim and curved. His legs dont have continuity in every pic. They are very slim in one, normal sized in another, and medium sized. They f’d up up his legs

Her feet, in one pic, appear to be the same size as harrys. HArrys is a size 11.5 -12

Her back left calf, leg and foot is completely straight because thats where the image was inserted.

There is a white, lighter spot in between her legs and his, in 2 photos. look at her what would be her left knee next to his.  look closely. light and slightly blurry.  

Look at the shot with both of them wide/spreaded legs. She is five foot three and yet her legs are spread massively apart as big as his are. She’s short she would have short strides.

His sunglasses look ps, or they are to sharpened. or they just completely took his head as i suggested before and ps in. I think they took his head and ps in because there is a dark reddish smudged area underneath his neck in every pic. look closely at his throat. 

as someone else pointed out the white space in between her sandal. which means the pic of her feet came from a lighter background. like an airport in texas. the white space looks like reflection, which doesnt appear in the next pic of her left back foot.

Her front right foot in the bottom photo is ps. it has a curve and a blur. there is a space between the strap and her foot that doesnt appear in the other pics because the straps are tight. as i said before, they ps her feet in form texas airport pics. 

as i said before they removed her thumb from the pics, which is why i assumed a composite of 3-4 Megan pics. Because why remove her thumb if they just inserted one whole image of Megan. If the hats are later identified, then i’m right. hats may have been added for advert.  

evidence for my multi composition theory would also be her face which stays the fucking same in every picture. Her head was taken from another image and ps in all three!! lol. They are making this shit to easy.

Her face is misshapen and her cheek/profile is so wide. there is a dark mark on her face as well. 

She already as a natural tan. Her arm and face is red/sunburned in one pic, which makes me believe what I said below. coming back from st. vincent or st. lucia.

also while most of this has been photoshopped, my gut says these pics are old. possibly from the return or travel to/from st.lucia st vincent.

Second to last but not least, you can see a light blur around the entire outline of the lower half of her body in the image, especially around her legs. but notice that blur doesnt appear on harry.

Also if they are going to Africa, why does she only have a tote bag????

These pics are photoshopped better than the car pics, also the Sun, which leads me to believe they had more than one day to piece them together. Also the Sun and meghan would not have released these images if they thought Harry or the brf would do anything about it. Because all it would take is an appearance form Harry in England. And if thats all it took, they wouldn’t bother with these pics. So the agreement might still have not ended.


part 2 pic review

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