Chicago SS is a major hub of Black activism. I’m still laughing about The Obamas pairing PH with Mellody Hobson. Brilliant. Each moment PH is there, he’s seeing for himself what a fraud M is. She’s ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to the Black women he’s meeting. Especially MH. And, if M really was such a great Activist/Humanitarian/Gender (“huh?)”, she’d be there at the Summit. But. She’s. Not. Guess she couldn’t Crotch-Jump a ticket.



My question is when that Goddamn end will finally happen? She seems to do what she wants. She has no boundaries and quite frankly she doesn’t care any more.

Just for you anon, 12:01 am November 12th, we are having cake and champagne. MMe is not invited, she is a party pooper with poop in her panties. We can smell her coming!

I dont know,不不不不不不不不

Thank you, laugh

His assistant Heather Wong was his date a few months ago for an evening gala in London. Funny the things we are looking passed because of MM.


Was she? I know she attended the State dinner? Is that what you are referring to? Or you talking about a date date? I think its unlikely as she is working for him如lease explain地re you giving a hint?

Heather is cute bubbly, lovely

Anon said GC denials are useful bc people in showbiz read it. But the tabs target is the public so while GC debunkes articles the world media keep on puting fake articles bc most people dont read GC. So it doesnt matter if the people in showbiz read GC, the media will keep puting fake news bc of money, and the proof of this is the amount of engagement and pregnant articles GC already debunked but they still show up in tabs.

Your first sentence, people in showbiz read it, thatswhy. They are laughing at her. MMe credibility is in the bin. These are repeat articles that MMe has made up over the year. Not the press MMe, hit her in the wallet. Its really not for us. Tumblrs like to point out gossip cop and for a good reason. Burger King is always hiring.

I hope you understand that now. It’s always been about money and fame.

Thank you