Jersey, now ITV are going to show an hour of Truly, Madly Deeply starring Media Meg’s and her whole life according to St Rachel, all scandal white washed in the launderette the question has to be can we stand another hour. Maybe if they called it A Truly Madly Deluded I would be bothered to watch but as it is I will await your anons witty critiques that are far more entertaining. Meg’s is being overblown out of all proportions. Boring people to death with Meg’s won’t work. Not liked or welcome!

I spoke with Skippy and Gran has agreed to take another one for the team, but she told Skippy she not letting the dog watch it,不不不不不. I get private messages from London, they are done with her.

I absolutely am in agreement the title for this trash should be,A truly, Madly, Deluded American. The fairy tales of a yachter.

Thank you


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