Meghan broke the protocol on her engagement she had no pantyhose 🤣

and correctly fitting shoes, he had to hold up walking away, LOL 🤡🤡🤡🦇💩🤤

Thanks, born2 stronger 💜💜💜💜


Never realized that mm was 30 at her first wedding. It looks like a wedding a 21 year old would choose

Very immature woman,  it does look that way. I know I make fun of that, doing keg stands, jello shots and beer pong at this wedding, they are in charge of organizing this one by themselves. There has to be something screwed up you know that? Very American kind of stuff, will they do the roast chicken dance? Dancing with the bride for pounds? Jello shots, I picture Tony and Tina’s wedding, has anyone been, it’s hysterical. 

Regarding HM, PC and MI5, I believe MI5 will be surveilling EVERY phone call, text, email, and many face to face conversations between MM, her fiancé and their “associates”. A lot of it retroactively. What they uncover, and how much is told to the public, depends upon the degree to which the powers that be will try to protect the monarchy and PH’s reputation.

Okay, this sounds reasonable to protect the rest of the family, they don’t have jurisdiction in the US but they can get information, but they can’t squash it.  It’s public knowledge it takes the right outlet to bring into the light.

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