Entertainment Lawyer Blinds come from: google “Agc Blinds” or for this month, use “Agc Blinds November 2017”. It’s updated nearly every day. Sometimes, it may take 2-3 days to update. (Sent that site’s info to you several times.) What’s interesting is that the DM (and others) often write articles based on these Blinds. In other words, just like the HW stories that are now coming out, these Blinds travel to various media outlets.

Thanks, anon, I get Blind items from all over now, sometimes I go and check it out. Sometimes it’s nerve-racking with all the adverts. 

(Sent that site’s info to you several times.)  What’s your point?

I like the anons to be interactive in solving the mystery it makes it fun, it’s social media babe climb on board, turn that frown upside down😊💚💚


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