Long time no talk—im not a miracle worker you know? I dont have a crystal ball. I think what I find interesting & creepy is that those psychic predictions say shit will go south by Feb & thats the same month we were told this circus was going to end—but it didnt involve an engagement! 🤦‍♀️ Nevertheless the honeymoon is wearing off between those 2 morons. I guess ya’ll saw that she still has her PR agent? LOL makes ya wonder doesnt it 😉 -Cheers anon

Hey!!! Good to hear from you! It is weird, but this ranting and leaks are for the birds. Those two fought all the time. 

The PR is what I’m trying to get across to people. MMe shouldn’t have any? Right?  Going to be a royal? 

I have held on to the belief that you are right, I’m sticking with you on this. 

We would like to know where the hell is she? 

Happy New Year Cheers Anon 🍾🍾🥂🥂🍹🍹🍸


I don’t think MM set up him. I think he said what MM was always told him. I never had a real family … I sacrificed my job because of you … You have to do the right thing … You are the reason why I am in this position now … It’s your fault … Say everything to make a person guilty. I see her doing it.

That is a NARC move, the passive suicide attempt. All these behaviors are predictable.  MME must have been criticised by the family to make her rant like hell on twitter. She trashed the Queen calling her a day drunk!  HM and PP are in ill health, plus the blinds about Kate and the Yorks. Also, she was crushing her sister excused Sam selling her children to her X in-laws parents for 10k. 

Fun and games are over, she needs her farewell exit.  

Happy new year ✨✨✨✨✨

To that anon., ask Fergie how was it living off Andrew’s money and his title? She said it was pretty difficult for her. Fergie was nowhere near Di. And Meghan will be nowhere near Kate. The Kardashians have everything and even more Meghan ever dreamed about. The RF cannot and won’t give her that life. The real problem is no one ever offered her anything meaningful in LA. She cannot simply have that life style.

BOOM!  Happy New year anon 💜💜💜 MM is in the wrong place for that lifestyle, and actual work is involved. That’s why you take your time getting used to it. The position is not for everyone, it’s more of a calling.  Being a feisty American with Liberal views won’t do her any favors. 

Huh? Did mm set H up? Or did he say that “family she never had” on purpose so that she would get in trouble. Maybe she set him up for revenge? Revenge on what tho?

Great questions, did you see the rantings? The Blind items? All about the royals leaks terrible ones.

Is this a come back to make her look bad?  MMe seems like a self-centered social climber that threw her family under the bus. I agree, but I want to hear what you think.

Happy New Year Anon ✨✨✨✨✨