I truly wish I believed it but how can “Wink” really be credible when his/her narratives are almost nonsensivle and certainly not written with English as a first language. May 19th will go ahead 😔

It’s up to you darling, still, have all of February. Hey, I was wondering how come we never see them out together? Eugenie and Jack do it.  Think about that, the fame ho doesn’t want her picture taken?? 

Thanks anon 💜💜💜😁


Harry will always be repeating the same mistakes. If you’ve been a part of the fandom for a long time you sure know that MM is not the first celebrity hungry fame that he gets involved and nor will be the last, because in the first months, in addition to the model, he was sleeping with another young celeb , your ‘insider’ anons may know who are, right? he refuses to change and expects the world around him to change and fit into his personal tastes. MM is a reflection of himself


I am aware of Harry’s goings on in the past….he met someone like none other with this idiot.  Lessons have/will be learned….I get upset when people don’t believe people can change…I know there are certain personalities that can’t change…it’s who they are…changing their lifestyle is different,.,many do.  I don’t think they can all be painted with the same brush.  Alcoholics and Drug addicts can turn their lives around.  We encourage them to do so.  I think when someone makes a mistake, they are due the same courtesy, they should not prejudged but given the chance to prove to themselves first and foremost they can change.  Sometimes life throws lessons in our path no matter what age we are.  Sometimes we all have to re-evaluate our lives…throw out the bad and focus on the good…..thank you❤️❤️❤️

I agree skippy, let’s be Christian about it and forgive

Demi Lovato Involved in Shady Charity Scandal

In this post-Spotify world, it’s HARD af to sell a CD. So hard, in fact, pop stars are stooping to ridiculous lows simply to sell their albums. Demi Lovato’s fans concocted a plan to move CDs at a record store in Toronto. It’s called a BUYOUT and it’s somehow supposed to help sick children. 

Demi Lovato was involved in a shady charity scam. She’s talented, yes, but she’s bad news. Henry Cavill needs to proceed with caution. 

OMG, that’s the last thing Henry needs. That’s really crappy thing to do

Thanks haute monster

Demi Lovato Involved in Shady Charity Scandal

Thank you for calming my nerves re: Feb end-month/end of this sham. I really appreciate what you have done for us all, and as well JD and Felix and the rest. You’ve been a pillar of strength even in the darkest moments. You’re incredibly powerful, and the influence you have all had has changed how hundreds of thousands of people see MM (I imagine you three combined alone have reached easily half a million just because you’re all so active). God bless you all and let’s hope this ends <3 <3 <3


Well we thank you so much for the kind words….it takes a community…we are so lucky we have so many that are here working with us, 24/7.  We are also grateful to our twitter friends that keep the word out there…again thank you,…this only works because of you anons…and to receive such a wonderful message that you have sent…,is our fuel!  Thank you!  God Bless!❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏



We are trying our best, thank you for kind words 

all i’m seeing and thinking on the Priyanka cover shoot is she needs some chapstick for those dry ass lips


Leather shorts! Muppet leg warmers!!!

I don’t even know what she’s wearing as a shirt.

“Feminism stands for my choice to live my life without being judged…” FOR WEARING COOKIE MONSTER’S SKIN AS MY BOOTS.

Oh, and she may be a bridesmaid. Can’t wait.

I love the last comment in notes, Glamour don’t! Oh, Priya  having an affair doesn’t make you a feminist, it makes you a home wrecker. 

Give cookie monster clothes back! 

Hi jd my question to wink do you think Harry knows Meghan cheated Corey with him? If he knows when he learn ? Is other people s in Ph’s circle know that? Thank you_

Wink already answered this, she said no, he didn’t know, the proof is the Piers Morgan interview, she talks about being newly single, but MM wasn’t, she was still living with Corey. That’s the time for her first hook up Harry.  I can’t stand when the call it dating Corey, she was living in a civil cohabitation with him. 

Thank anon 💜💜💜💜💜