I used to say It Is All Fake when I posted and it is – there never was a real relationship it was all fake and now there is no real engagement. It has always been about Meghan using Harry to get pr so she could pursue her illusions about fame and fortune. And that is what is still happening in a more perilous way because now marriage is on the horizon. Markle would have no problem with a fake pr marriage but I am sure Harry and his family will.

Now we have proof, we can say no relationship, illegal engagement. MMe doesn’t get it, she is fallen for her own lies.

 I will keep referencing Muriel’s wedding. About a girl who is love with the idea, she gets approached by a champ swimmer to have this fake marriage with all the bells and whistles so he can stay on Aus team. The guy is not in love with her, and she watches the wedding video over and over again.  He points out how pathetic she is.  That’s a harsh reality to swallow. That’s MMe reality she will have to take, he is not into you.  

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