I think we need to wear the pants when it’s needed and as this is an open space I want to say openly that I do not believe in wink and that she’s just saying the obvious. The obvious does not interest me. I think it’s very clear to everyone that this show will not end well, if not before the wedd, after, with a terrible divorce. That is, there is an end, but no date, much less an agreement. CH unlike us, knows how to do dirty things if you understand me. deals with a whore is not his business.


Well yes, it’s an open space!  I must say though you speak with such arrogance!   I think it’s fine if you don’t agree with Wink, your choice.  But to say she states the obvious?  Really?  If that was the case why would anons always be asking her questions?  Why are anons always asking for her input?  You may not be a fan…that’s up to you!  But to come here and say “"she states that the obvious”, I find arrogant, rude and disrespectful!  Agreement or no agreement, fine whatever!  As for Prince Charles.  I don’t understand you, you aren’t being “obvious” enough!  Some people articulate well, perhaps you can’t tell the difference between that and obvious!

Go Skippy!!!! 


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