Just a word of advice for Henry Cavill. Although he wants to accicuateceith orher celebs. Demi Lavato is not the person to befriend. It is nice that he congratulated her on her bjj blubelt but she has a lot of emotional and addiction issues and she is a very unstable person. Now she has her fan sites saying he should date her. Careful Henry you could end up with a stalker issue with this one. She is quite violent like how she pinched her back dancer and ended up in the assylum. Just be careful

I went and looked, and he is following her and sent her message. Henry’s got a type, and she fits that type physically. He likes women who fight and heavy on exercise, brunette, latino looking. It’s the exact opposite of pre-superman,  he was engaged to a blonde, Natalie was fair. 

Now Demi struggles with an eating disorder, was bullied badly in school, bi-sexual, depression, addiction, the music business is in the fast lane. 

Henry is a grown man, we have to wait and see, dating is not fun. It’s dreadful, Good luck Henners. 

Thank you, anon 💙💙💙💙