Yeah yeah since Henry Cavill liked the bjj pic and commented with his work Instagram I think that it is probably work related. Also Lovato got the blue belt 6 months ago and he just was aware of it, so no real knowing each other there. He was just being nice and also picking up new fans while at it. Henry is way too smart to get tangled with all of that baggage Demi Lovato has and he doesn’t like trouble.

Yes, no biggy he has always promoted Brasil martial arts.  Demi doesn’t follow him back. It’s okay, I pointed out what anon wanted to hear.  Martial arts is an excellent way to center yourself, more then great moves, but Demi is still his physical type that I won’t take back. 

They don’t know one another. 

Thank you 💙💙💙💙💙Henry Cavill ask