I doubt Sugar Britches is mesmerized by Kate’s belly. Probably plotting how to steal Diana’s sapphire engagement ring that is now Kate’s. Jealous that it is on Kate and not herself. – SB Anon


Dear JD, she needs credibility for getting a ‘speaking job’ plus she cannot include herself in every speech… She always speaks in an undertone of ‘sweetness’ without real emotions or interest except it is something about herself and sounds like someone who gives her audience a song and dance about a topic. People feel when your words are empty… ;)

Hey Wink, I wasn’t buying it, she talked in circles and ended with nothing but gibberish. Yes, we do feel or not feel, in this case not. I read the PR comments on the DM comments, they are fighting a losing battle.  Why continue this? 

Thank you, Wink 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹Keep the faith