Hey, some news about Henry? 😘😘😘

Good Morning! Henry has 4 to 5 weeks left of filming on MI6, I can’t wait for this project to be over with. The trailer is turning out so cool and will be seen as a  Super Bowl 🏈commercial. I’m still trying to find what’s next on Henry’s schedule. 

We have Nomis that will be in theatres soon as they finishes reshoots. This movie I really want to see Henry’s acting skills come to life. 

We had the Demi Lovato misunderstanding. At least I hope it was. 

Henry’s still accessible to people, he is so lovely taking selfies with fans in Hyde Park while walking Kal the set dog. 

He also so funny, the Gramham Norton show you could really see the chemistry with castmates of MI6.

Thank you aleelavy 💙💙💙💙💋

@danygarcia  What’s next for Henry Cavill, please! Fans want to know. 


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