This will be my last comment towards you. I’m risking a lot sharing this information and do not appreciate being called a liar or a sugar (what does that mean anyway? I didn’t say anything about food). You wanted to know what Meghan’s endgame is, so I told you. Her goal is a wedding, this was decided a long time ago. (part 1/2) – PR anon


No you are not.. You are here as anon.. no one knows who you are.. As I said to you No one knows if there will be a wedding apart from HM and the council.. Stuff what MM wants. she and Harry haven’t got a choice in this..  We know that she wants a wedding to happen but I am not sure if Harry wants a wedding to happen especially after his last appearance with her on that stage.. There is an agreement which can end at anytime..

Thanks PR anon.😊👍

Look we are given you a hard time because you are not a regular, if you were you would already know we know about…

Sunshine Sachs, K & C, Gersh, Power of Privy, Jess Mulroney, Soho house, Ron Burkle, Nick Jones, Birks, Club Monaco, Richard Caring. Harvey Weinstein, NBCU, Suites and many more.

Here is the thing, why do all this for a Z-lister? Why? What are you getting out this? What are the money guys getting out this?

He had broken it off with her in December 2016, she stalks, and merch whether Harry was there or not. After Polo she was done, she was given time to get her credibility back.  She didn’t, did she?  fake Africa trip, Vanity fair than IG, here we are again.  A phony ring she brought to the party and another ring we caught her with. The BRF gave her a short-term agreement they are regretting now. But it does have an expiration date on it.

Why do this for such a nobody and one who is disrespected in her field? It  not love, so what is it?


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