Northwestern graduation caps and gowns


dear ‘how long’ anon, we should keep the focus on the facts not on the rumours…. If the ‘wedding’ would be real Markle would not have been dependent on all her activities to keep her narrative alive and the RF would never have allowed all those blunders happened to her according her ‘financée’ status. All work would be done by the RPR, which wasn’t the case ;)


Thank you Winkie!  I’m sure you can understand the closer it gets the more nervous some get…after all they are trusting us….they want results😁❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂

Thank you wink, we appreciate everything you do for us and our anons from all around the world, keep the faith. 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹 

Hey skippy, I’m new and just found your blog (amongst others who are not buying this insane engagement and wedding) just wondering how you know there won’t be a wedding, are you an insider? Or know an insider. As a member of the commonwealth, I do not want this woman representing me, if the monarchy exists by the will of the people, something needs to be done to send the message that the people don’t want her!!


Well I would suggest that you go read JDs blog!  My blog was shut down and I lost my archives!  JD has been here from day one and the info is fascinating!  I am here for the monarchy, as I too am from the commonwealth!  I do not believe this should be happening, she is not acceptable!  We, being the Tumblr team have provided proof and called out her lies with proof!  Nothing she says is the truth!  The engagement is fake, she has three engagement rings, QVC was selling her ring the morning after the fake engagement interview!  Huh?  How did that happen!  You have to read it all!  The wedding invitations are fake, that too is on the blog!  As I have grown up with the monarchy my whole life, I know how they do things, there is nothing about this that has been done the BRF way!  This wedding is not happening, more points to it NOT, then will!

I just noticed you said you are new to our blogs, and then ended with something needs to be done to send the message out?  We get thousands of visitors everyday, and we are on twitter as well, we have a twitter team working all the time on this!  Our Tumblr community is working nonstop, and have been since JD started this when news broke of them dating back in November 2016!  We also had Felix from Australia who worked with JD, but he got shut down twice.  We have Winkie who is our calm!  We didn’t just wake up!  Word has been out a long time!  

Thank you and amen sister, welcome to tumblr anon 

Dear Skippy, I understand and I’m really sorry, but as you know I do my best to the extend I can.. As I said earlier we have reached a point where we either believe in facts – how such a matter is done/and will always be by the RF and trust HM/PC or we go with Markle’s gaslighting.. Rumours don’t change the facts (.) No permission/no legit invitations/invitations haven’t been sent out/no guests-bridal list/no preparations and so on.. So how should a Royal wedding happen? ;)


Dear Winkie, that was in no way a criticism.  I was simply conveying to you the message I’m getting from some anons!  Of course, I am aware the facts speak for themselves, as do the lack of facts!  I do know how a royal wedding should work, and there is nothing real about this fake wedding!    I trust HM, of course.  Yes, the gaslighting is in full gear right now as well!  These are the things I keep repeating, and yet some anons want reassurance from you…not me…not JD😁❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Dear Skippy, I know that it wasn’t a criticism from your part, the ‘I do my best’ – was addressed to the dear anons that announcements/statements/confirmations are coming from the RPR I’m not working for.. You and JD have got valuable anons who told us the same.. That’s not the way the RF handles their own matters and the RPR doesn’t need a strategy to fight a ‘future member’ instead of preparing her for her upcoming role.. The grey men ask was telling and true ;)


Thank you Winkie.  I would hate to have you think we don’t appreciate you coming and helping us!  It is a difficult time, and yes we need to trust what we know, and trust HM…..😁❤️❤️❤️❤️

dear Skippy, the ‘grey men psychological warfare’ anon said the RF is using a strategy by handling this case that only makes sense at the very end.. As we know KP has used a short of ‘passive strategy’ in dealing with her, so she could do whatever she wanted, made countless blunders and destroyed her reputation by own hand step by step.. They used her narc character to fight herself. I think for the split she will take her VF line – aka independent woman to save ‘her face’. 😉

the DM captions this pic with “Meghan is pictured here with her mother Doria on her graduation day at Northwestern University in Illinois” I call photoshop! Google – Northwestern Graduation.




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You are completely right. Dm should do its job and investigate

I dont know how there are people who still believe that MM is living at KP with Harry. When the engagement was announced KP said the couple would love at Nottingham Cottage “after married”. If Harry and M were already living together the release would be that the couple would “keep on living” at Nottingham Cottage after married. Some people are really stupid.


Yes, all in the details…what’s said…what isn’t said……😁❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Is that Gas I smell 😹😹😹 rinse repeat

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