The Andrew Morton book is making it’s way to North America, picked up by Fox News.  I think she overstepped her bounds and made some folks pretty mad at her.  Hey, what do I know?

Thanks, anon  


12 thoughts on “I have always said she does not care about the Uk people her audience is and always has been the US. So she don’t care about antagonizing the Brits. She never intended to stay for long anyway. It is the US market that has always mattered to her. Her pr is oriented towards the US market.”

  1. Yes, swirling around JM right now. Did PC gift a Jag to JM for some reason? JM wants Internet kjndness of non-specific origin? MM is BFF with PC, but no direct quotes from PC, or her hubs, Harry, in this? No credulous photos, all leading statements. What happened in Aus that made JM feel so empowered? To put out a statement about wasting time on the wrong people? Then, suddenly get a gig with ABC?

  2. Agree with anon that he wanted the marriage. I eloped, my parents all but disowned me because they were against it. I began to see early on my mistake, but I was determined to prove them wrong despite becoming more of a mess than a marriage. I wasn’t prepared to deal with the rapid decline of my spouse’s behavior, and lost a lot of weight, friends. Long story short, no matter what I did, nothing worked to make it work. I sadly discovered I married a pathological liar. It took awhile to get my life back. On one hand I understand Harry, but I don’t necessarily because I thought I was marrying a quiet guy. Not one who partied. In the end, love can blind us.

  3. Hi, I’m Joseph, regular reader of the blog, both on wordpress and on tumblr, I do not understand that message …. Who got what … what did he get? Who Harry or MM ??? Thank you

  4. Yeah people have to speak up. This has been going on for months, and it’s not just the royal fandom almost all of them. There are people that just can’t accept an opinion as that. An opinion. They would rather hack accounts report, and have them shut down because they called out the bullshit and rightfully so. I have never seen people act so ridiculous and insane over someone that probably doesn’t give two shits about them. The more stupid they act the more famous she gets.


  5. LMAO yep ok. I will believe he was dragged into this kicking and screaming when something finally starts being done about this chick. I will believe it when she starts getting her ass kicked. She’s got a book and a solo event. They are throwing everything at her hand and foot. Nothing against you anon but we have heard it all these past couple years. When the family finally takes their balls back and show this bitch who is boss THEN I WILL BELIEVE IT… She is a chick from LA. You mean to tell me they are scared of some two bit actress from LA? Fuck outta here. 😂😂😂

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