I’m not in Windsor, nor London, but I live in a hugely pro Royalist town. We are said to be the MOST Royalist town/city. It’s a dead duck here. No one gives two sh*ts. Which is a crying shame. Lots of people are questioning Meghan’s morals, and also Harry’s, for getting involved with her. The people who don’t care, don’t want to fund or pay their lavish lifestyles. Those that do care want him to leave and go back to the Army – either with her or without her. Whisperings of Republic thanks to her




Well thank you for the insight! It’s appreciated!  There is no wedding….you know Harry…he can get back on his feet….he made a huge mistake…no one will deny that!😁❤️❤️❤️❤️

In our town, for the wedding of Kate and William the local council planted red white and blue flowers EVERYWHERE. The local brownies and guides did dressing up days, there was bunting and photos in shop windows, there were street parties and the trains from here ran very late and early services. The whole place was buzzing and we all melted at the sight of them. 

Now there’s nothing, not one single display. Nada. Zilch. 

Smh what a shame


Yeah I bet the BRF knew. So I guess Harry knew too. But maybe they found out later after the engagement. Otherwise her attempts at coercing Harry could have been countered. She really should have left earlier – she forced them to out this. She destroys herself. Always pushing too far. One wonders what else is coming.

Hopefully, we can see who the lawyer was that tried to hide this. We will have a better picture then. Don’t jump the gun! 

Thank you 

JD can you explain what is the court order that she blocked release of the annulment? Thank you.

The article hasn’t been released yet, so if she tried to get a court order to hide these facts and was denied, probably out of their jurisdiction and since it wasn’t found how can there be anything to complain about yet? 

If she was intentionally trying to hide events from the public than she should worry. The US will release them, hey, where did I hear that jingle before? 

Maybe the US will be her final resting place. 

Thank you anon 

People won’t believe it because it’s NE. They’ve been notorious for lies, BUT they’ve gotten the scoop on many stories. No one gives them credit for the true scoops. As long as she’s gone I don’t care if people think it’s lies. And BRF knows.

They do have Pulitzer ’s and aliens, it’s up to the reader to decide, they will have to show proof which I think they might have. This is investigative stuff you bet we will try our hardest if it looks legit to push that narrative home. I’m sure the other bloggers will do the same. 

Thank you anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

so NE has the first marriage making Harry her 3rd walk down the aisle. And she got a court order to suppress it. Stupid stupid woman – everyone keeps saying the RF underestimated her – no – I think the idiot underestimated the tabs and the RF. Let’s see if the NE story spreads to the UK tabs.

We sure hope it does! As soon as we get it, we will laugh and post.  3 blind mice my ass, more like 3 pit bulls. 

Thank you

Jersey, where is the National Enquirer published? If is in America then it could still be ignored in the British Press. How reliable are they? This annulment has been making the rounds in the DM comments so the UK press must be aware but cannot spill just yet? The RF cannot put up with someone who lies to them if she has not declared this. No Royal has been hubby or wife No 3 except the Duke of Windsor. What with the brothers letter, this is getting more nail biting by the day.

It’s a US tabloid paper with some awards under their belt. They are speculative type paper but this one they would have some evidence behind it. Skippy’s going to retrieve it, so we know exactly what’s being said. The NE has many resources that we can’t do an investigation, we can lead the way, but ultimately the press has to finish it.  The liability falls on them, not us.

The brother is a dingbat, he has no clue and needs to put the joint down.  He is the main reason we call them hillbillies, sweet people living in their own world. 

Thank you anon 💜🌹🌹🌹

PS: the paper is not out yet, when it does we will report on it

Hi JD I really hope you are well ? Is there any Henry Cavill gossip? U are the only blog I can find who talks about him 😊

Really? Okay, well I heard that Eastwood’s and Lucy will be at Durrell, Sam apparently posted it and took it down, people take screenshots especially when it comes to these people. If you go to Sam’s page, she was in California doing runs in the hills.  I don’t know what that’s about. 

During Henry press conference’s he is hinting to Superman II being worked on by the powers to be and I really hope that Christopher jumps on as director. That would be spectacular!  

Keep your eyes open and take screenshots! 

Thank you anon💙💙💙

I have reading a lot of psychic, numerology and tarot readings about Harry and whore most are still saying either no wedding or quick marriage followed by nasty divorce. I hope Harry realizes it’s better to call it off then have a bitter divorce. You can smell the skank’s desperation to be rich and famous. She has no love for Harry. Anyone can see in her body language. She is a terrible actress. Vendor Anon

Hey, Vendor anon!  I believe we have nothing to worry about a lot of what’s going can easily be explained away. The biggest horse in the UK at Windsor Castle Grounds and I for one are looking forward to Prince Philip to cheer this on!  MM is a monster, and soon she’ll be gone, and everything can get scrubbed off. 

Thank you, Vendor, 💜💜🌹🌹🌹