There is a blind item about Priyanka that makes her sound a nasty piece of work. Takes one to know one I guess. “Number Five on the Call Sheet”

Really well, she would love it to get promotions for free an I’m not the one to give it to her. Many have complained to me about her thirsty behavior. Unless it’s so juicy, which blind? Links screenshots. Remember CDAN is the better and blind gossip is PR.  

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Something else that jumped out at me in the National Enq.. they noted Prince Harry’s “distant gaze” at recent events! This is the first time I’ve read anyone in the press bringing it up!

It’s about time! Stop sugar coating it and look at the man who is not happy with his current situation. No one on the planet will blame him for backing out. He needs to know he has the support of the people to do this. This would be a dreadful mistake for everyone. 

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well if KP did not know about those nudes – what else don’t they know about? If it took us to show them what a grafter she is then they are a pretty clueless lot – as anon from Suits said – the fake on her can be smelt a mile away. It seems they did not even try to check up on her cause the red flags are obvious in a simple 5 minute Google search.

Thank you anon, we can assume they really don’t care and let the cow chips fall where they land.  There’s no stopping this train. 

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The tides are turning. Latest from Palacegraph: www . telegraph. co. uk /men/ relationships/ pre-nup- clean-up-harrys- wedding- diet -style-make -over- bad -news/


OMG, They’re calling him her Ken doll!!!!

getting worse for Peggy 💩💩💩💩

Do you really think it is possible for KP to have just found out about Joe? I mean, we’ve been speaking about a first husband for months here, even named him and localized him, and the British secret services had no idea? Really, are they that incompetent? I will admit MM has proved herself to be very shrewd but the British have been completely incompetent in this story.

Your questions are valid and important ones,  How could they not know?  This was a rush job, she wasn’t supposed to be there anyway.  Maybe they are letting her hang herself. They are not incompetent, we know this. They are trying to rid her, my opinion. 

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How do we get the article to the German papers. Why them? Can the UK then publish?

Per our German friends, they will publish anything, and people buy it.  The UK is going to embargo it, but the press can report on the story of the story. It’s weird I know.  MM is going have to produce the court order. They should publish it, the people have the right to know about the people that will represent them. Spread the news far and wide. 

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ahpf has the article,expected more proof for nay sayers.His name is not there


Well he is  private citizen….and a lawyer!

Hello, he is most likely under an NDA, now how much did he get paid allegedly?

The article is claiming people were paid off, by who and how much? These are questions that need to be answered. Did Markle pay him off on one of her trips to LA? 

the funniest part of this is KP said the story was fabricated – then asked for the name of the alleged first husband! LAMO! KP look like idiots – first they denied the nudes were her then the video comes out and yeah it’s her! Now they ask for the name of the guy – what they want to get in touch with him? LOL

You do know that if this other marriage is found this play is over. If it goes to Germany she has a snowball’s chance in hell. This wasn’t a drunken night in Vegas and a drive through, this was 2 years (the magic number for MM) relationship we are talking about.  The Royal family didn’t clean her up, her own team did that in 2016. I betcha that Gina knows about this.  Keeping up with the royals and I did extensive research. MM was jewish and poof gone! They were moving stuff around on youtube. The Royal family may have the file on her but they don’t have these juicy tidbits.  This has expiration date, tick tock. Time to pack

To anon who thinks this wedding is a “Go.” There is no wedding. Someone told me “Oh, do you know our PM is going to the wedding?!” I told them; the Queen said “No dignitaries are invited.” She insisted our PM was going. I’m relative of his… out of all the people to know of him attending; it’ll be his own family. 😂 Who knows, maybe our PM is close to PH (privately), after all PC and a few other RF had taken a few unofficial stops to our country for holiday in past decades.😂🚶🏽‍♀️

Thank you anon ,  since you are a relative, what are their thoughts on MM?   So they find this all decidedly unroyal like?  I like to hear your views if you would oblige us.💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹