Sun pics are Coleman Raynor – bingo!

Yep, woo woo, back in game


Hi JD, I have been reading your blog for a few days now and cannot believe the RF would allow this mess to play out this way. I asked your friend felix and wanted to ask you too. Is there something going on with Harry that the public doesn’t know about? Something that might have been hidden? I want him to succeed, but I am in disbelief that he would date someone like her much less marry her. Given her baggage, I do not know any men who would have more than a fling with her and he’s a prince

MM has a recording from before the statement when things were fun and carefree, she wasn’t going to give the milk away for free, was she?  The original plan was for fame and fortune, they did split in December 2016 when Harry did find out it was his positions and if he were the guy down the street she wouldn’t give a toss. She was also caught taking pictures in a secure location at KP. 

She couldn’t stop she had a license to print money with the coerced statement she made with the help of her lawyers, nighttime battles. She did pap strolls to imply she was with him but it was to sell clothes, it was on a schedule!  MM stalked him, crashed the wedding, showed up uninvited to Polo with a pap, sold the pictures. That was enough, she had to go, okay she needs to credibility back, so the palace allows her, but she didn’t stop, photoshop Africa tarmac, Vanity fair BS. We assured she won’t be at IG and didn’t she go high and drunk! Shows him what she got on him. OMG, you know the rest. 

This is the condensed version. 

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JD, I think in that pic. she was walking into a beauty salon. Old pic., I would guess.

It has to be then why put it out there now?  We scan these photo agency, and we have not seen this before until today. She is getting back at something, it didn’t go her way. I sense a lot of tension last night, she is really stressing to make this believable, and she is pissed off.  The NE article, she won’t be able to spin this.  If it gets to Germany, she is history.

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That picture of Meghan attempting the sweet innocent look – I nearly chocked on my breakfast. She looks like a half-brain MORON – she just looks mentally challenged, to be more PC. She is only good for the hot-girl look. No wonder those were the only acting roles she was getting.

Yep, they have to make up her up with pancake makeup, like a clown.

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Hi JD congratulations on all the excellent work you are all doing! I find the hat story verrry interesting! Ascot is June after the polo so definitely they were not close after that cos H could have arranged for M to go to Ascot with Mark and his wife or with some of the friends from Jamaica wedding even if H himself wasn’t going. Also she sat for VF interview June or July so few weeks after Ascot. So she was pissed and vindictive and used it to back him into a corner!

Thank you we are working hard, I found the story credible. MM is really a piece of work.  I agree if she was really in she could have done that, but the crowd does not like her, they have zipped the lips. 


Is her dad getting fitted for his tux on the sidewalk in Mexico? What even is that cover photo? And why is Meghan always doing weird shit with her hands? These are questions I have! Love ya JD, we in it for the long haul baby, I got the snacks for yah.

Yes, he is getting a fitting for his crushed velvet tux with a massive bow tie.  Did Coleman-Raynor take that picture?  if so that means he is back in the game.  Cart them off to jail when they get off the plane. 

The hands are a mystery, she has many deep scars from cuts, hmm…

Was she burnt badly? Self-Inflicted? 

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I don’t think Markle was a victim of HW but an offering, from herself to him… I mean there was a another talk of HW rejecting her in the first place… so maybe she just threw herself on the casting coach, crying on cue because whips and chains excite her…

This I agree with, that’s right he did reject her because he knew better I know that’s hard to believe, the guy is smart.  You know she did, all while being with Trevor, nasty, eww. 

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Don’t watch the video🤢🤮

if this is already up I apologize but she pap walked today – in a quilted vest and wool beanie on the hottest May day in 20 yrs in UK – so this is bull.  The guy has an umbrella – it was blazing sunshine in London today.  So this is an old pic to make it look like she is in London

the royal photogs have to pay 900 pounds sterling to have the privilege of standing in the crowd to take bad pics and they are not happy. Claim they never saw anything like this. So the RF – supported by public moneys – now uses weddings to make a buck? The RF has officially lost the plot. And Markle with her pap walks is getting her old band of photogs back together that she used during the pre engagement period.

I don’t blame them for being upset, they should NOT photoshop her anymore to make her look halfway decent. That would be my protest. None of this ever happened before, it’s crazy like her.  

Hang in there, things are about to go crazier in the next few days. 

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I am a somewhat discouraged by KP taking control of this circus – they seemed content to let her bury herself but now they are cleaning the mess up – does this signify a change? I doubt the annulled marriage will have any impact the RF apparently knows about it anyway and still let this shit show go on. If there is an agreement they are sure cutting it close. I guess that is the only hope – that there really is an end date before May 19 and Winkie has been true. Hanging in there!

How do you know they know? She lied on her application. None of this is protocol, they live for the protocol at the palace.  Don’t believe they have changed they won’t.  Trust Wink.

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