If you think Oprah will choose a white Duchess over a Black MM you are really more nuts than I think

Look at what you wrote, you are racist, it’s about doing the right thing.  Sarah has been friends with Oprah for over 25+ years.  Stephen Lawrence was racism,  MM being told no, is not racism. 

You need to sit the fuck down. I have black girlfriends, and they wouldn’t take a strangers word over mine because they know me, they respect me.  The royal family has been gracious, she refused to wait and learn MM’s fault. 

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The legends of illuminati are interwoven with the two organizations (“secret societies”) to which the princes belong. The order of the garter has ancient ties to it as well the freemasonry to which both William & harry are longtime indoctrinated members.

The Freemasonry is not what you think it is, it’s based on the Christian, Judah religion, knowledge in degrees, it charitable, they take care of their own.  My uncle was one, my friends are masons. My Aunt did Eastern star girls.

It’s not the moose lodge, a bit more class than that.  It’s dying, they need new members badly. 

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The thought of an annulment is funny, King Henry VIII wanted one to marry Anne Boleyn. When Rome said no he created his own church

Yep, and billions of Protestants around the world are grateful. He should’ve’ waited Catherine of Aragon died shortly he got married to Anne.  Anne helped to get this through, God bless her and Queen Elizabeth. 

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The Royal Family have been rumoured to be members of the illuminati years. Conspiracy theorists claim The Queen is Lizard from Outer space. 😂

Sing it with me , top of your lungs~~ It’s medication time, it’s medication time, It’s time to take your medication💊💊💊💊💊🤤🤤🤤

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Uh oh – Mirror is showing a headline – Doria reveal “race hell” to Oprah. So it seems she may have done an interview – won’t know til the article comes out. Looks like Megsy has played her race card though.

Oprah people just said no! I’m not joking here, those morons are going to get their goose cook Oprah won’t do a fluff piece. She will research and bust her ass. O is friends with Duchess Sarah, Markle slammed their daughters and the Duke of York. What could go wrong? 

Bring it on! 

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I took the DM article by Kay as an opportunity to showcase Harry’s exes in a line up thereby contrasting MM from them all. The article makes him out to be an emotionally weak cad, but also highlights that they all are from better backgrounds and they have more parity with H than MM. I took it as a dig at MM using PH’s choices and behaviors w women and him settling for her. I don’t see how this was from KP, but maybe CH.

Thank you anon, You may be right!  It is time for the far more experienced CH to finally take over this shit show and give it closure, 

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Supposedly MM was a great cook, adventurous eater who woo’ed PH with her Whole Foods cooking and roasted chicken, now we find out they’re both bad cooks who get everything catered. Another lie debunked.

Yep, KFC, burger king her future employer, dominoes, wimpy’s love the bean burger is that still there? 😂😂😂 The vegetarian, smoker, drunk, humanitarian, strike a pose, hug a poor kid. 

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