Medical records let me clear the air, I will bring back an article, I won’t disclose anything without proper and legal discovery. Please come to me for any clarification in this matter, we talk to one another you know.  I’m sorry for the confusion. We all have to wait and see what’s coming next.  Don’t forget that anon wrote that on a public forum available for all to see.  There is a spoof blog on twitter call tales of a con artist, it’s fake. Thank you JD


if doria is slick like nutmeg any interview w oprah will air after 19 may. she will say anything she wants, cry a pity party for sympathy. there is nothing the brf can do about it. nutmeg may have ph by his jewels, but ma will be holding the brf by theirs. palace jumps in fast on provide food and dad invite, but unwilling to stomp on carriage ride or end any wedding. all the alleged attacks, threats, break ins and no doc proof by authorities shows farce and not called out her lies. L.A.

Hey LA,  This will backfire in her face once the dirt is released. They are both nuts to try and pull this off. Mio says not true, wait and see. 

Thank you, LA 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

JD, Julie here. I know Diana interview was after divorce. This time there will be no wedding but the Oprah rumour came from somewhere. I think it was a heads up to the Palace that this is our intention, just like Diana, so give me everything I am demanding. BRF DONT please. We know MM has studied every bit about Diana that she can but she forgets it’s not the real Diana, it’s the media version of Diana. It is possible Oprah may look at an interview but I think that would be a huge mistake

Yes, you are right, it’s after the breakup, so she is acting threatening. No Royal bride does this. 

Thank you, Julie, 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹

JD, the only thing I can think of on why Oprah would ever be involved with MM, a Martin Bashir type interview like the one with Diana AFTER the breakup. MM would have an NDA but she will break that and the offer of a world wide interview with a world famous woman of Oprah legend would be her crowning moment. I think DR is now her Manager/PR type. It may not be about race but cover the whole gamut like Religion, her family, his family, have never felt wanted, friends deserted me blah blahJulie

The momager, I agree Julie you can’t trust any of them. O is a pro she is going to have tough questions for her if this indeed happens. The Royals have rolled out the red carpet for her, but wait for her colorful past to come out then O will ask still want to do the interview? LOL 😹😹😹

Thank you anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

This is infuriating – AUS press is now claiming the acid threat made against Rebecca English came from Markle harrassers. A blatant lie – the threat was made by MM’s fans because RE questioned the appropriateness of the 56K dress – it was not an example of Markle being harassed it was the opposite – Markle’s supporters harassed the press because they dared to question MM. The lies here have gone too far. One cannot ever trust the media.

Yes, I saw the complaints on Twitter, and you’re right it was her followers, not us.

Pro Harry people don’t attack reporters.  I remember that I felt so sorry for her, I was pissed about it. 

Thank you ckob💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

In the pic of Hcavill and red haired woman, I didn’t think they looked like a couple, she looked a bit odd (I’m not a fan at all so its not sour grapes)

I think she tried to promote herself as a stylist, the article for Henry was on the bottom, I found that weird, He should be on top, LOL 

He doesn’t even show any interest at all, saying she is on and off, another weirdo for Henry. Poor Lad.  That’s a bad move for her. Celebs don’t like that.

Thank you anon 💙💙💙

She/he deleted the full post. The blog might be the source where they heard it from.

I have not seen this blog but only heard it is a spoof blog made from skippy and Felix’s old blogs and they had downloaded it, why? All of the work has been highjacked. 

Again tales of a con artist is a spoof blog, it’s not real. 

Thank you anon 

If there was a coerced engagement, what would be the basis for it? Nothing short of murder should warrant this and I don’t think it is that. Sex, drugs, so what… I re-read the London Scoop letter and think that the “who” might be H. I do not think there is a snowball’s chance in hell that M would call if off. As long as she has access to him, I think she calls the shots though. He is a grown man and has certainly made mistakes, but such an expensive one for everyone involved isn’t right.

Believe what wish, okay , I’m going to sleep for a few hours. Skippy’s is on. 

TALK OF THE TOWN: SamCam rocks in her own frocks

TALK OF THE TOWN: SamCam rocks in her own frocks

Hi JD. Another DM article today about police concerns that Snipers could target PH & MM during their open carriage ride. 🙄 Assuming this wedding were to go ahead, it’s already been reported that there’s very little public interest in the wedding to judge by street party applications. Apart from the rent-a-crowd, the remaining crowd will be made up of reporters and photographers. I would not be surprised if the carriage ride were to be cancelled due to “security concerns”.

I posted it, it should be canceled, the whole thing should. It will be canceled.