Dear Skippy, – May 7-11 – United Kingdom – At the request of the British Government, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall will make visits to France and Greece – .. ;)


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Questions and Points to ponder



Today is a bank holiday in the UK and it’s sunny so everyone is out and no one will really take much notice of the news today. Here are on thoughts on the latest developments:

  • In regards to the first marriage that was annulled, LJR and Ninaki would know the truth as they were both around. If it had no merit surely they would back this up? If the chap in question who has been named is in fact the wrong person or the story is false, surely as a lawyer he’d make a statement to the fact to get the media to leave him alone. The story has been running for months and he could have just made a statement saying he is not the person the media are looking for and it’s mistaken identity or whatever.
  • There is no reason for the parents not to be here in the UK now. The father is retired and the mother can take a vacation from her part-time work. As for fittings for clothes they have to be tried on in person and then altered. Rehearsals happen weeks beforehand, and with jetlag it will take them a good 2 days to settle, so a week is really far too short, but it stops people asking where they are.
  • MM hasn’t been seen out shopping or with friends, except one photo of her on a rainy day.
  • The quick u-turn of CH saying they will provide refreshments for the guests indicates that Charles hasn’t been taking any notice of what’s been happening or William or Harry. Any kind of event provides at least water and a sandwich bag where people are invited.
  • Are the photos with the father an agreed pap job? His own brother said he hadn’t been invited to the wedding a couple of weeks ago, and is this damage control? The brother is a more credible source than Tom Markle’s children.
  • The brother’s open letter to Harry appears to be genuine, but also it’s been edited for grammar. It echoes the thoughts of many, and even if he was paid for it does it matter? He explained his side, and it was his chance to say his piece after being hounded by the media.
  • The press made a big thing of Eugenie and Jack going on double dates (twice) with MM and Harry, but now they are living literally down the road they aren’t seen together, and at the Queen’s concert there are no photos of them chatting as friends do, and as other members of the family were.
  • All of MM’s friends seem to be on lockdown still. Misha Nonoo has been trying to get herself noticed in the UK again after her divorce, LJR is in London and does go out with her baby, but does she with MM? Heather Dorak is quiet, as is Lucy Meadmore. As for MA he’s been keeping a low profile, maybe he has a new job or is looking for one. All the above are active on Instagram but either keep private accounts or don’t post publicly about MM any longer.
  • As for the poorly written press release last week that switched from first person to third person, it looked as if it was assembled with cut and pasting from various places. The giveaway was at the end for me when it said interviews will be released from those involved and said for example the hairdresser. That’s not how professional releases are written, and there was too much spacing between the paragraphs. It looked hastily put together and unprofessionally.

All great points….the most telling is the father getting measured Ina storefront window on a street in Mexico!  Where a photographer happens to catch the moment for “proof” he isn’t attending the wedding!  Not buying this!  Just more gaslighting! Games! Games! Games!

did Doria scam the father thomas? what did she do?








She married him!

And she looked super in love too *sarcasm*

She looks 12

@skippyisheretostay yes,she looks 12.How old is Thomas Sr. back then?

In his 30′s I beleive

Wth? She looks like a child!

She apparently is 61 and the Dad is 73… looks like 12 older than the mom…..Dad was 34 when they married.  So looks like mom was 22.  But still looks 12 to me!

It happens all the time, what’s weird he had kids from a previous marriage that lived with him because the Roselynn was on drugs.  

Your 22 and your also raising someone’s else’s children, your still a kid yourself. That causes resentment.  

$800 a month child support she was living large in the 80′s, what did she do for work back then, travel agent? back in the day you get sent on wonderful trips to check our new properties for free you didn’t make a ton of money unless you were good at booking cruises. Things were different back then.

Uh but wait – we had a Fergie scandal back in January I think where “Fergie isn’t invited” went on then we got “Fergie is invited” and now we are uninviting her and re – starting the same old scandal about Fergie? Did Fergie do something to annoy Markle? Or is the DM running out of copy?

It’s a York thing,  MM went after her the girls, did those nasty blinds, wrote more ugly stuff on Twitter. If you don’t have to why go. Plus, those invites are fake as hell. 

The DM, the Express, the Sun, Mirror are writing the most far-fetched things, I want an alien story just to round it out.  Bigfoot! MM is related to Bigfoot, yeah that’s the ticket. 

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oh boy – it is a zoo now. Next we’ll hear Harry is getting Botox man Pedi’s and hair transplants. Looks to me like a paid ad for her facialist friend and maybe the gym too. Everybody is cashing in. yuck

Yep, they piggyback the story! WTF really are friggin serious! I know I suck as a writer but what’s their excuse?  Two outlets wrote this piece of trash, holy smokes. 

Everyone is cashing in, 3 times as many ads popups, it’s so annoying. 

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