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the pic of the naked ex lover on a bearskin rug with his Chihuahua and heavy gold rope chain is priceless! She is destroyed. The idiot did this to herself. Sadly this is humiliating for Harry too. I think The Sun has turned and we won’t be getting all sugar stories from EA anymore. Even Mio must see the take down coming.

They all have too! MM shit is falling apart, it’s time, come on let it rip like a fart in church. Mio has got to know by now. 

Thank you anon 

Re your gif with the panties down.. that’s why she always took photos of her feet! To remind herself and the world that hers will always drop no matter the weather or the shoes. Got money? Got connections? Her panties will drop for you.

With a remote control button leaving snail trails as she walks! 😹😹😹

The engagement press announcement is dated November 27th. But was reported they were engaged earlier that month. Perhaps an agreement was reached earlier in November and the agreement was for 6 months ? MM would want to be the one viewed as the victim , with the eyes of the world watching guaranteeing she would be shown nothing but sympathy ? Wasn’t she left at the alter in Suits ? Dress rehearsal for the real thing ? I may have had one too many margaritas at dinner 😜

I want to have way too many Margarita’s at dinner! 😎😎🍹🍹, Maybe Lattedah.  

MM is the PV, perpetual victim like others in Hwood that write sappy ass Stuart Smiley affirmation and don’t actually follow their own advice as they fall off the wagon again bullshit.  Your struggles are mine to struggling teenagers offering false promises, listen to your parent’s kids! Fuck the false prophets of Instagram. Life is messy, being a teenager sucks. You’ll survive, complain about in therapy after becoming an adult.  

Thank you Lattedah 💐💐💐😀🍹🍹

I can’t believe he is marrying some smell used up Hollywood coochie. Have you seen the sun stroy on her ex boyfriends. One did gay porn.

Oh, No not the nasty Cooter! Coochie momma. Yeah, her BS I was with one guy for nine years just exploded. Liar!  MM got caught again with her pants down. 

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What I think is this is the way the rest of the story goes.  

Thank you anon 

Do you really think there will be a wedding? I doubt it very much, MM’s father does not even know Harry, the boyfriend, is this normal? nycrealroyal says that there will be a wedding and a title … but I really doubt it, in Japan the wedding of the Emperor’s granddaughter was canceled and everyone has taken it as something normal, it is better cancel a wedding and avoid a divorce (The FRB would lose a lot of money and prestige with a divorce with MM) .. What do you think can

Nope, no wedding and it’s always better to cancel then continue. Everything was prepped for the horse show.  Security was for the most important person on earth HM the Queen. 

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Nobody in London and surroundings cares about Harry and Meghan, but I say that the opinions are much harder for him, after all he is English, royal and that he should keep self respect getting away from these z list. But he did everything upside down and even brought the Markle rubbish into the British taxpayer’s pocket. Honestly, no one is buying victim card, he can use today, tomorrow and then, it does not work anymore, sorry.

thank you for your opinion 

The Sun article about her lovers – can’t be without a man for 5 mins, always on the prowl for the next victim, even her best friend says so. Maneater. Sad.

Yep, wealthy influential men that got rid of her in the nick of time.  This is not someone to look up to as a feminist or speak about gender equality. 

Thank you, ninja,💐💐💐 

Love the new article about her secret lovers. But am waiting for the best article of all … the announcement that the wedding has been cancelled.

Yep, me too Lateedah, this is the first major gold digger article, there were others and sure, even more, her Trevor timeline is falling apart.

Thank you Lateedah 💐💐💐💐💐

Lower end markleteer

Another “sponsor me, and I will make your stuff sell out” ad for Markle.  She simply cannot merch once she marries in, so it seems since she is hunting she is not marrying in.  This is a big push – BBC Wall St Journal now Women’s Wear Daily.  She is looking for a job for $$.  

She going to need something, little gold digger that she is.  MM can’t rely on a big payday.  I’m sure she bound to walk away with something.

Thank you ckob 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹