Let’s put it this way. The overwhelming majority of the US people don’t give a flying pig about Meghan Markle. Three NK hostages came home safe. That’s the news. MM is a no one to care about.

I happy to hear this but I’m not a news blog, I’m sorry 


JD can’t believe the GALL of this woman! She has no integrity whatsoever! Knowing that all this filth was out there about her, how could she allow H to go ahead with that statement? Even Kim K wld have been more honest and just have him say something like yes my gf has a past but we accept her blah blah instead of accusing ppl of being racist before we even knew who she was. So arrogant and insulting. I’m black BTW x

Ah, Ha  Touche!!! Color is not essential, but your character is, don’t say hey, I’m St Teresa and dump truck pulls up and unloads! Hell no! I would like her if she was honest and said I have a past like anyone else, but she has painted this shiny unapologetic image of a princess to break through the glass ceiling and stalk the hell out of a guy and Blackmail him!   WTF!

This person is going to represent the UK, a known liar! This is not my feminism, not my gender equality, I wouldn’t use little poor African Children to raise my profile.  

Then there’s the yachting, it’s going to come out.  Piss the people off but when is the palace going to pull the trigger? 

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Why didn’t they rebuild her image ?

I have read some anons saying that Harry and maybe even the BRF have known about MM’s past for months , even the porn star. If this wedding is for real why didn’t they leak it months ago rather than let it come out 9 days before the wedding ? Why didn’t they do something to build up her image ? Rather than have her look a mess of a starlet on the red carpet walk at each engagement ? Why didn’t they release the information on her past with a nicely worded article about MM explaining she was a bit rebellious in her youth but has proven over the last few years to live a respectable life ? It would of fit right in with Harry’s younger rebellious image . Why didn’t they do that if this was for real ?

It was never supposed to happen in the first place. Nobody can know everything, you have to have investigators and great ones on the grounds. IMO they didn’t have enough time but here we are and the BRF don’t care about her past? Well, excuse all to hell and back.  Maybe Harry should shoot for a younger bride that has less experience as this yachter. 

Why didn’t they spin it that way, she been lying the whole time IMO.  That’s not changing.

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these are the Cartier earrings she’s been wearing $16,500.  THey are new and do not appear to be a merch loaner.


What a rip-off,  not even a ¼ carat. Idiot! She bought the name and leaked it.

$16,500 gift, taxable luxury item 

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Many times it has been stated that everyone is PH life is check and I mean no stone left unturned. If that is true how did MM even get the chance to say hi? If all these things were uncovered. How did she make it this far?

We had this question before, and he was supposed to be protected. PC did what he could to tell his son, NO Attention Seeker, that’s being nice.  MM is a Narc, she will manipulate and control while she sucks the life out of him. He fell for it, with the help of a benefactor.  We don’t know who it is?

Wink says no wedding, and we are waiting for the plug to be pulled by a sensible person. This has gone too far. 

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Meghan Markles’ date with porn star and lovers she’d rather forget

Meghan Markles’ date with porn star and lovers she’d rather forget