We don’t know when the pics were taken of tom markle sr dropping the flowers off at Doria’s. Could have been earlier in the week. He’s wearing the same clothes as when he was fitted for a tux.

That’s incorrect anon, those pics are legit. There were multiple agencies there and reported to several papers.  Tom doesn’t have a lot of money anon, laundry day. Regardless, Tom drove to Dorito’s house in LA. 

May 10th, Mega, Splash news you can’t deny it anymore, it’s a big fat whopper of a lie.  Dorito and Tom are in California. 


You know what I find crazy. If her usefulness was done with a year ago, wouldn’t she got the boot a long time ago. I know there might be something bigger at play. I just had a random thought. I have one more what if MM is playing her mom as well? What if her parents are trying to teach her a lesson? It’s crazy because Sam herself said they couldn’t stay each other, he was visiting a friend.

Her usefulness is over now. MM would sell her soul to the devil himself, so parents are just collateral damage. Yep, this could possibly be, looks like dad is smiling going yep here I am!  Mom was a bit surprised.  Yep, I read what was said, and she said that her dad can’t stand Dorito. 

Things are not kosher

Thank you anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

JD, Julie here. Old Town area Hamburg. Nothing no interest. No books in windows of bookstores nothing accept the Daily Mail UK May 11 with heading Meghan’s date with a Porn Star and the Gaggle of lovers she’d rather forget

Good Morning, Julie is on the ground in Old town Hamburg, Germany. 💖💖

Thank you, Julie, for the update 

I’m definitely not sick in the head, JD. I’m talking about the cabal taking her out, NOT the royal family. Read my ask. I think you may underestimate the wickedness of Epstein and the people he’d fly to his fantasy island. They engaged in vile behavior. You never know, MM could be involved with those people. And regarding Diana, there are people who believe she was murdered by the RF. Not I, but some very sensible logical people do. Look up how many of the aristocracy believe so.

I don’t blog about Andrew, end of

Dear JD, if I recall correctly you got PR anons (esp. in November) who shared with us very detailed informations about Markle’s ‘schedule’ from the start in this happening and gave us insight of some parts of the background-story.. Markle has exaggerated and destroyed her reputation/public respect by own hand. I don’t doubt for one second that the RF/Harry will survive, the Firm is pretty much underestimated. I think ‘sentebale’ is a great place to find one’s inner peace after this journey.. ;)

Wink, I agree with you, perfect. 

G’morning JD. Dear ‘Harry is on revenge’ anon, how can Harry be on his own ‘ revenge mission’ within the RF where everyone has to carry out duties according their order of rank and has to fit into the ‘chain’ without exceptions.. HM’s ‘gestures’ by giving Harry new major representative jobs that requires trust contradict your theory. In case of ‘revenge’ Harry would have been sidelined, that didn’t happen.. The Crown is above all.. Let’s wait for the news which haven’t hit dry land yet.. ;)

Wink! Good Morning, it’s ridiculous, now I have anons with the same article from 2015 for Prince Andrew, I don’t blog Andrew, but he is a member of the Royal family.  

I’m hoping for the good news very soon, Harry,  hang in there buddy! 

thank you  wink 

Princess Meghan: Markle’s title after Royal Wedding REVEALED – will she be called Rachel?

Princess Meghan: Markle’s title after Royal Wedding REVEALED – will she be called Rachel?

That was kind of a sting operation wasn’t it?…drawing Doria out of her house for the lying-in-wait photographer. I’m heartsick that MM, her trashy friends, and other more sinister plots are swirling around the RF. IMO if Harry goes through with a wedding, he’s got to go. It will indicate that there’s something seriously intellectually wrong with him.

Follow me here, Tom drives up from Mexico with Paps in tow. The next day he shows up with a plant and a card to Doria ‘s house. She is not there, he leaves for a happy meal and a bucket chicken. 

Doria comes home gets papped,  she is checking out the plant and picked up the card! 

If you’re going to tell lies, they are going to follow up.  Game on! 

Thanks, anon 💐💐