Hey girl, I just saw the new pics of Henry on the starting line at the Durrell run. Is that Wade Eastwood’s wife in the black leggings and green halter top on his left?

Hey! Yep, that’s Sam Eastwood, Wade’s wife, I’ve been checking it out.  I’m sorry that’s weird, but we don’t know the arrangement. The first time was Soho in a taxi and now this. We did know she was going to be there by her IG. Some thought Lucy was going to be there. Is she there for moral support? 

Thank you soontobeanearl’s wife 

PS: update: the Twitter video was grainy but I’ve since seen IG and Wade and daughter were there, not so weird after all


The “Big Scam” … Who is behind?

The “Big Scam” … Who is behind?

Gift list

Gift list

Dear JD, I would say I liked the ‘Titanic story’ (2 or 3 parts) on Skippy’s blog sent by a lovely anon few days ago.. We are on the home straight, I feel certain the RF/RPR do know what they are doing. A confident royal ‘bride’ doesn’t depend on self-advertising by using outsiders.. Jack’s dignified behaviour shows us how it is done by the RF.. ;)

Thank you, Wink , 💖💖😀

G’morning JD. Interesting ‘Gear Seal’, very ‘unique’, like everything in this ‘engagement’.. I guess she needed something to ‘prove’ the ‘truthfulness’ her narrative after the latest ‘mother in UK/living at KP’ failed in all fronts.. She probably believes this will work.. It won’t, not sure if she would be ever able to understand.. ;)

Wink!! MM is clueless, she is not getting it. The document is not on Vellum, multiple errors, but the press is sure buying it, they say it’s on display at BP.  I can tell it was scanned in a copier!  I would think forgery is punishable by law?  

MM parents are a hot mess and got outted which we all knew the scam. 

Many people are getting nervous, I sure hope that ship docks in the next couple of days. 

Thank you, Wink, 💖💖💖

DM is full of it and the careful wording is meant to protect them from a backlash of “leave her father alone”. But it is also a clear warning to her father to stop what he is doing which is the ultimate in hypocrisy since the DM has been buying his pics all along. DM is a monarchy tab – so they are cooperating with the BRF on this.


Yes…I agree with you!  End it now…..

Hello, it’s no secret the press will build you only to take you down and it hurts on the way down. Timing is everything , now it’s time for the press to finally do their jobs. 

Hi Skippy I sent in the Autumn Phillips consent. I don’t know how to send pics in these asks. I recalled reading it so I googled and I think if you google “Privy Council 9 April 2008 Autumn Phillips” there is a record of the council meeting and approval. I assume the same wording would be on the instrument of consent. I can’t find an actual image of the consent though.


Thank you!  It’s been archived……


Privy Council 9 April 2008: “NOW KNOW YE that We have consented and do by these Presents signify Our Consent to the contracting of Matrimony between Our Most Dearly Beloved Grandson Peter Mark Andrew Phillips and Our Trusty and Well-beloved Autumn Patricia Kelly.” Trusty & Well-beloved!

MM you have a typo don’t you want to trusty and beloved? 😹😹🤡