G’morning JD. Interesting ‘Gear Seal’, very ‘unique’, like everything in this ‘engagement’.. I guess she needed something to ‘prove’ the ‘truthfulness’ her narrative after the latest ‘mother in UK/living at KP’ failed in all fronts.. She probably believes this will work.. It won’t, not sure if she would be ever able to understand.. ;)

Wink!! MM is clueless, she is not getting it. The document is not on Vellum, multiple errors, but the press is sure buying it, they say it’s on display at BP.  I can tell it was scanned in a copier!  I would think forgery is punishable by law?  

MM parents are a hot mess and got outted which we all knew the scam. 

Many people are getting nervous, I sure hope that ship docks in the next couple of days. 

Thank you, Wink, 💖💖💖


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