Nyc also contradicts themselves. First implying that it is Harry’s decision and then saying what London Scoop says is close to 100% accuracy. Please stop talking to this poser- whoever is behind this blog is telling lies. I am absolutely sure it is one of MM PR. Please avoid. I have this on good authority. There are half truths written there to keep everyone in but when it comes to the real questions, they simply gaslight and confuse people with hypotheticals and vague responses.what a shitblog

You’re correct, and their ship is sinking, I have her blocked.  Blogs shouldn’t go to war with one another, we should have a peaceful existence.  I’m not all in on London Scoops, she confirmed what we already I proceed with caution with her posts. What’s, is her motive?  Most of the players are greedy. 

Thank you anon 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹

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