Papa told TMZ his oh so concerned and distraught daughter has NOT CALLED HIM. So much for her concern. KP better lay off with the concerned Meghan line – cause Papa just made it clear she has not even called him to see how she is.



Heading to the hospital? Chest pain again? Aha, so more staged pics, squeezing the last penny until the plug gets pulled. Mom is still in L.A, I see. No wedding, guys! This is it, put the champagne in the fridge, any time now we’ll be popping it.

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As I said b4 JD, the GALL of this woman is astronomical!! She and H have no right to ask for ANYTHING much less respect amd understanding. And from who? Hope Mr Markle is ok but if not its probably cos she YELLED at him on the phone – how could you do this to ME ME? Don’t you care about ME ME? Why r u spoiling things for ME ME? So fake. no more statements from this tricky unscrupulous woman pls unless its BYE!

Thank you, love, we want to hear no more!! Done and dusted, bye bye.

Tom Markle

I’ve got the window open and I can see it but you are right they removed it replaced it with Dad telling them he has chest pain and may go the the hospital – they have the sympathy card being played hard here – is this a ploy to force Harry into the marriage or is it something else?

Thomas tells us, “I’ve been popping Valium for the pain, especially when I hear about my oldest daughter.”

He tells us he has not heard from Meghan since TMZ ran the story that he has decided not to go to the wedding and give her away.  

Thomas thinks Meghan’s mother – his ex-wife – Doria Ragland, is a good choice for walking Meghan down the aisle.

He says he checked out of General Hospital in Mexico a few days ago, which he says is a “charity hospital,” but he feels he needs to go to another hospital soon because he’s worried he might be on the verge of another heart attack. The coronary he suffered 6 days ago was his second.

  Tom is driving around like this? The plan was for Dorito to walk her down the aisle. This group is twisted.  

US press picked the scandal up now – they had been ignoring it. TMZ actually broke that he would not go to the wedding. TMZ pays for stories. So Papa made more $$. Lifestyle has it too. Say Papa made $100,000 for the pics and they name Raynor. Harry has to be seen as supporting her now. We’ll see how this plays out.

Thank you anon, This just keeps getting worse to worse. This is like having a blind pimple at any moment it’s going pop! 

This entire clan is making money, JHC they are practically printing it. Can you imagine the grief this will cause if they allow this, I say hell no, let me off this crazy ride? 

Harry is not saying a thing. 

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JD how are you? I strongly believe that this is PR campaign by the Markles, MM included to make the Royals look bad. Sam is always on social media, if her dad was really ill, she would have said something publicly. The media keeps assisting them “the Markles” with their games. When would it stop?

They are all greedy bastards when we stop clicking, or the palace says break up. 
This has got to come to an end already.  We are doing this 24/7, and this one has got me, out all the dirty low down tricks to play. 

Thank you anon 💐🤮💐

This is being blown out of proportion IMO. Her father doing this is not THAT bad, the brothers have cashed in before and nobody said a thing. Makes me wonder if they are aggravating this on purpose to create an exit for her. Maybe they managed to bury the first husband story ,which would have been the real bomb, ending in her being thrown out like a do, and replaced it with this one, still scandalous enough to have a reason to cancel but clean enough for her image, exiting like a victim.

Okay, I don’t care if she runs nude down High street, just leave. The entire planet can’t stand her anymore. 

Thank you anon 💐💐💐