Please repost the anon who’s behind palace walls; “I’ve got people in places..” This also relates to LS “There are battles, and then there are wars. The British always win the wars.” There’s more to it than what meets the eye. Did you know the real Titanic was eventually used for war? There’s always a distraction tactic set in place before the real intention of people in power take place. Titanic had a huge rave of excitement before the sail- the world knew about it… Smile and 👋. Trust.


Riddle anon

Hello Skip! A riddle: I have people in places, and places of people, many of whom I am related. In, and out the palace they go, one by one, we are loved by the Queen, you know. I can’t say much, because the world will soon find- I’m no ordinary joe, my family has their own crown. I stalk tumblr to laugh, and holler at the so called “wedding” for a wanna be baller. This isn’t to state; “look at me world!” However, this is to state that you have a fan behind someone’s palace walls. 🕴

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