Skip JD Felix I love your loyalty, but I’ll guess we should know by Wednesday UK time if Doria really does arrive in UK. Absolutely none of this shit show is our BRF would organise a wedding by a Senior Royal of PH rank . I’m sick to death of Media BS, just expose MM scam from day one , the General Public who have followed closely know what she is . In the chance of a wedding it will be BRF sucide . Poor Kate & PW, but notice PG & PC haven’t been confirmed as Page Boy & flower girl yet ?


Thank you….there is nothing that says this will happen…Doria Gloria is in LA….we were told she was in London…the dad has no suit….we were told he has no money for  a ticket, then we find out he has been making lots of money…..if this was going to happen the parent would be there sooner than a couple of days before…..this is a ridiculous circus……these grifters are not getting near the BRF….NO WEDDING!  Very good point..children not mentioned…oh…they will be now😂😂😂😂😂😂

I agree with Skippy, people who know and live in Great Briton know this is never done this way. Trust your instincts and have faith in HM the Queen. There is a reason and all will be revealed is what we are being told.  

We are honored to receive this information and pass it on to you.  Hold the line she shall not pass. 

They shall not pass

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