Charles is in charge now. Hope he lays down the law to MM & his son, has her belongings removed from NotCot, has her visa cancelled & has her escorted to Heathrow. I’m even of the mind that perhaps PH needs a rest in a hospital. I don’t mean that in a cruel way at all. Can you imagine what she’s done to his mind? It must be scrambled, that’s why he can’t think straight. He needs to be added to my list of PTSD sufferers. H will definitely require therapy to heal from the trauma she’s inflicted.

Thank you anon, I agree with your tactics, send Harry to his beloved Africa.  MM has mind F**ked, everyone.  Put the succubus back under the rock whence she came. 

We can all use a beach day, maybe a weekend, I hear tiki bar calling 🍹🍹🌴🌴🌴

Thank you anon


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